How Cyberpunk 2077 Is Censored In Different Countries

How Cyberpunk 2077 Is Censored In Different Countries

This video takes a look at how the video game Cyberpunk 2077 has been changed in different countries around the world.

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  1. soo i live in india and the global version is out of stock but the USA version is still around. so does the USA version has everything unlocked?
    or will i have any problem playing the american version in india? please answer

  2. Censorship of sexuality and nudity for the Japanese region is so strange, you wouldn’t necessarily expect that. The changes for middle eastern countries are expected and depressing.

  3. Surprised the country that gave the world bukake is this strict

  4. trans woman and non-binary people has more in kin with asari race!.

  5. I am from UAE and there are a few mistakes. Firstly, all this censorship is only applied for digital purchases, so for example, you cant buy Last of Us 2 from the local psn but you could buy it as a physical copy from retailers (I looked it up on Amazon and right now it costs around 20-25 usd) or you can change your psn location to the US or smth. Cyberpunk is kinda weird, its the same as with TLOU 2 but retail copies are a mixed bag, if you find a copy that says pegi 18 then its probably the uncensored version, but if you find the 21+ version, it will be censored.

  6. It's not a trans character it's a futa.

    Lol in this world pretty sure you can put anything on anyone body lol.

    Unlike now men saying they woman pffftt

  7. literally came here JUST to see if they banned the same sex romance in ksa, looks like im once again gonna use my american psn account to buy cyberpunk. sorry but i NEED that gay romance <3

  8. Fuck censorship. Give me honry.

  9. Honestly, the censored stuff in The Last Of Us Part II means absolutely nothing to me (other than it being censorship, of course). That game was only made just to piss off fans of the original game, Ellie became a complete traitor, Neil Druckmann nowadays is an obnoxious, political, anti-consumer, emotionless, Anita Sarkeesian defending douche who didn't even care that his game, which had a troubled development, and unfairly striking channels who showed footage of the game, won the 2020 Game Of The Year, which it absolutely robbed from other games that actually had more effort put into them as well as stealing other awards, killing off Joel for no reason, Abby there just for contrivance sake, etc. I really hate it when certain things are censored, but don't fit the uncensored scenes like the pigs "eating the helmets", or "organs" when the body is covered up. This is why everybody hates censorship.

  10. TheShamefurDispray

    wow i'm going to get saudi arabia versions from now on when I can!

  11. ngl it pisses me off that some countries still can't accept lgbt members
    Great content btw

  12. They removed the Abby and Owen @#$%ing scene. Well good riddance…

  13. also you do realize that .. the last of us has only 1 game, and it's concluded by its ending. there is no second game.
    also you do realize that "mods" exist correct? so there..
    so they don't mind showing graphic hentai, showing gore and sadistic fetish, showing lots of deaths and dismemberment in anime, showing unreal levels of detail in manga, and organs flying everywhere in certain films, OVAs, and ONAs, but anything like that in video games is forbidden?! i never will understand the japanese logic ..
    i think it's the same way for the US when it comes to gunphilia warphilia, and propaganda .. always worshiping guns, killing, and warcrimes, while attacking anything sexy from japan.. … i'm glad modding exists.. since the publishers and "rating systems" only know how to destroy and ruin products ..

  14. finally waking up to the fact that the US is NOT THE WORLD, and other nations and countries DO EXIST AS WELL?! good!

  15. I can't understand how censorship is even tried anymore, as a VPN, and using the PC release, totally circumvents the whole thing.

  16. Okay look, I get that it sucks that middle eastern gamers feel these censorings are shit, completely understandable…but blaming this shit on CD Projekt Red? Blame it on the Saudi Arabian/Arab Emirates governments, they are making the rules.

  17. It's Censored for me Because I cant see Anything or Run it

  18. Damn- Middle East are very homophobic and anti-lgbtq which tbh is no surprise, if they suspect someone is gay in their disgusting country they'll stone them

  19. JAD Studios Official

    I think Cyberpunk 2077 should have NEVER have been made in the 1st place!

  20. …and yet another reason why consoles suck.

  21. The guys over at the Middle East are lucky, bet they didn't know of the trainwreck that was TLOU2, and didn't have to see that one Abby scene

  22. I'm amazed that people still get away with censorship. They pretend to be protecting people without giving them an option to opt out of the "protection". It's forced on people. That's not benevolent.

    3:43 The instances of censorship SHOULD be jarring and incoherent so that people know when they've lost something.

  23. sorry I can't tell the difference the stupid game breaks as much as fallout 4 at release

  24. Any country that has government censorship has no business calling itself free. That included so-called "Western" countries like Germany and Australia. You can't claim to be "free" while operating on the same principles as China.

  25. Kind of like pornographic material. While permitted in Japan, they have to blur genitals. I mean, wtf.

    It's like giving a toy to a kid but not allowing him to play with it.

  26. lol for this japan should be nuked again

  27. I wish they cut the sex scene in TLoU2 in the US… its so out of place

  28. what's the point for the game being a 18 rating if they're going to make those changes

  29. awwww but that mix it up ad is my favourite! I mean, still don't know what it's actually trying to sell…

  30. Saibapoonk, OK.

  31. レオン AngryFilmGamer

    Yeah, basically some kids in Japan were violent a while ago and now everyone suffers because of it. The government is especially dumb and slow, since they only change things when it becomes an actual problem. Nobody likes this and it's bizarre because PC anything goes, screw it, but consoles "oh no protect the kids." One day it will change I'm sure, but everyone who was excited for Cyberpunk was upset with that.

    It's especially annoying because despite things getting censored, nothing is ever subtle. As mention here, the subject matter is exactly the same and that is the case always. The visuals and subject being discussed are never altered. Only slightly covered up. In Resident Evil 2 blood is still there, but it's blacked out. In here dead bodies or nudity is all just covered up, but nothing else changes. Playing the game, there is little difference besides what I mentioned. Best thing to do? Get a PC, because there is no censorship since that's an adult thing. I hope with Cyberpunk 2077 that will at least get the ball rolling for change, but I'm not hopeful.

  32. The game is censored anyway as given the option of customising you’re characters genitals at no point in the game will you be able to see them outside the inventory screen you can’t even see them in sex scenes making the whole aspect of nudity pointless and the game is like that regardless of turning nudity on or off CDprojectRed have also said that this is not a bug it’s how they intended it to be.

  33. Censorship is so dumb, honestly.

  34. All this censoring is bullshit if u ask me. If the game is 18+ (or 21+ in these "funny" countries) then it's logic only adults should play it, then don't censor anything…

  35. Thank you for doing this. Censorship is bullshit.

  36. Pixelated genitals should be an option in the Japanese game version.