How to Allow Apps from Anywhere on macOS Big Sur [Tutorial]

How to Allow Apps from Anywhere on macOS Big Sur [Tutorial]

Terminal Commands:
Restore “Anywhere” button: sudo spctl –master-disable
Hide “Anywhere” button: sudo spctl –master-enable

Over the years, Apple has put its vast resources into making it’s operating systems more secure for end-users. In macOS Catalina, the company has taken this to all-new levels by introducing beneficial security changes that make it even harder for miscreants to play havoc with our computers. However, because security is a tricky business, so-called improvements for some might not work for others. Specifically, Apple’s decision to make Gatekeeper even more difficult crack is a significant step forward for everyday Mac users. For developers, perhaps not so much. Luckily, there’s a workaround.

Issues addressed in this tutorial:
allow apps downloaded from anywhere macOS Big Sur
allow apps from anywhere mac Big Sur
allow apps from anywhere mac
allow apps downloaded from anywhere mac
allow apps downloaded from anywhere mac missing
allow apps downloaded from anywhere Big Sir

This tutorial will apply for MacBook Pro, Air, Mini’s running the macOS operating system. This tutorial was performed on a macOS Big Sur system.


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  2. Hey, I followed your steps but I get an error OBJC 15892. Any advice?

  3. not working, I get this error:
    objc[1031]: Class SPExecutionPolicy is implemented in both /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SystemPolicy.framework/Versions/A/SystemPolicy and /usr/sbin/spctl. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

  4. Thank you soooooo much for this. I was getting so frustrated because I was unable to run a MATLAB pipeline. This was extremely helpful. Thanks! 😊 🙏

  5. Hey it’s been a while since I downloaded my Adobe apps for free do you have any idea on how to update them ?

    Been having trouble with my libraries section saying “we have detected a problem with your network settings etc…”

  6. For M1 Big Sur 11.0.1 users having no option for "Anywhere" or giving instructions instead of executing the command is just disconnect your internet. Worked for me.

  7. thank you! you saved my life!

  8. Thank you very much! Josef

  9. awesome.thank you boss,

  10. I have a Canon MG2522 printer that prints well but it has a scan option that won't let me scan because when I try it tells

  11. I typed it right, yet whenever I enter I get a message saying "/Users/AndyMoo is a directory." What should I do about that?

  12. Thanks for the tutorial. I have no idea why apple decided to do this

  13. thank you so much! that popup really was driving me insane

  14. Mannnnnnn thank you. Music producer here I was having to approve all my plugins on my new m1.

  15. Quick and easy. Thanks!

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