How To Change Display Contrast on macOS Big Sur [Tutorial]

How To Change Display Contrast on macOS Big Sur [Tutorial]

On your Mac, use the Display pane of Accessibility Display preferences to make items on the screen easier to see and read, and to reduce motion on the screen.

Increase the readability of the screen on your MacBook by increasing the contrast of the display. Increase the contrast of the whole screen or emphasize borders between items in the Display section of the Accessibility settings.

In the past few years, Apple has modernized the macOS interface by increasing transparency, flattening out elements, and adding white space. If you find the new interface difficult to use, try increasing the contrast.

“Increase Contrast” is one of the many accessibility features in macOS. It helps users with low and impaired vision read the computer’s display more easily, but anyone can use the feature to make the interface more legible.

Once enabled, every UI element (whether it’s a just a text box or a button) has a pronounced black border around it. This makes it much easier to locate a button and to know where one section of an app ends, and when another begins.

This tutorial will apply for MacBook Pro, Air, Mini’s running the macOS operating system. This tutorial was performed on a macOS Big Sur system.


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