How To Clone Mac OS Mojave Or Other To Your New SSD : Macbook Pro

yo what’s up everyone this is protech in a new tutorial, Today I am going to show you how to clone you mac operation system wether it is mojave or high sierra or other…. from your old hardrive or old ssd to a new hard drive or SSD.

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How To Clone Mac OS Mojave Or Other To Your New SSD
How To Clone Mac OS Mojave
Clone Mac OS Mojave
Clone Mac OS


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  1. Why did you format the new drive to MacOS Extended instead of APFS? I have read that file system needs to match. Is this untrue?

  2. Do you have any idea as to why I cannot increase my hard drive space even after deleting files and emptying the trash. I have a MacBook pro using mohave. Tried many solutions, but nothing is helping. thank you.

  3. There is no mac os eextended format, it's only apfs? Also, nothing works, tried carbon copy, tried time machine, tried disk utility restore, they all fail, argh. It has to be something with mojave? It fails on inverting volume, invalid argument, error 22 (I think)

  4. Hi I have install my ssd to internal my Mac couldn't read,
    i have try many ways but end up same Cloning,Install+Migration 
    at the end after im install SSD to Mac , after open blank i haven't change my optic to caddy case yet

    Could somebody help please
    MacPro mid 2012 13"

  5. can i do this on external hard drive of 3 gig

  6. Why did you restored/formatted/erased the new SSD using the MAC OS Extended format option and not APFS? At the end of the video the new SSD is APFS so don't quite understand why this happened! I thought we have the format the new SSD in the same way the old HDD/SSD is (in this case APFS)! Thanks!