How to Downgrade iTunes 11 to 10.7 in Mac OS X

Mac tutorial with all the steps to restore your iTunes 10.7.
Download links:
iTunes 10.7:
App Zapper:

This works for Snow Leopard – I don’t know if this will work with any other Mac OS.

If you made a time machine backup just before you installed 11, and made no other changes to you computer you might as well restore from there. Else follow this guide. Thanks

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  1. how fucking stupid,, i don't give a shit about that god damn ice cream cone that you are eating,, come on lets take care of the apple itunes issue. fuck that dumb stupid ice cream cone.

  2. If you only can do this for me

  3. Already solved. Thank you for the video 🙂 Like a lot of people I hate Itunes 11 too.

  4. Pacifist doesn't work. Help, please.

  5. I can't install Itunes 10.7 through Pacifist software. I don't know why. All appear the same, but I can't install it.

  6. how did you get your mac to look like that

  7. I found this complicated, especially when the instructions/demo, is done on a non-mac.  I have never used anything but a Mac so it's not difficult for to get confused so easily. I do hate the iTunes 11.  I avoided it on every software update window that popped up.  I would always un-check the iTunes box.  Yesterday the update was for Safari and iTunes.  I un-checked the iTunes, but when I went to use it later it wouldn't open unless I checked the software agreement box.  Like an idiot, I checked agree (sick of no iTunes opening when I checked Decline).  I'll keep trying to get rid of iTunes 11.  I appreciate your posting anyway – thanks.

  8. It won't let me open, it says that the iTunes can't be read because it was created by a newer version, it only has the options quit and update.

  9. I have downloaded the dmg. for itunes 10.7 but pacafist won't guve me the option to install. why ? and how can i fix this problem ? 

  10. Ok I can't install with Pacifist? Now what, looks like Mavericks doesn't let me install it -__-

  11. Fucking shit, I downgraded months back, just now I installed Mavericks OSX and that SHIT updated iTunes 10 to 11 again, hope this time I can get it done without any problems, WTF APPLE

  12. I HATE THE NEW ITUNES! IT'S SLOW, IT SUCKS! It updated automatically. I'm so pissed I could eat my own feces all day long

  13. Hey thanks alot. This worked great for me.
    I think what's confusing alot of people is that they don't have an 'iTuneslibrary.itl' file from iTunes 10. It's necessary to have that file, and the way the video looks, it seems like you just use the iTunes 11 itl file. I happened to have that file on my old computer.

  14. did you get that figured out got the same thing?

  15. WTF… it says, "The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Would you like to download itunes now?"

  16. Thanks man! Worked like a charm

  17. didnt work. i get same error that the new itunes is available and it wont let me open the old itunes. what do i do?

  18. Oops, I meant I installed 11 because iTunes *10* was dog slow!

  19. (cont) apparently 3 Gigahertxz is not enough processor speed for this simple audio app to function.. iTunes 10 was already worse than 9, and 8 etc. Gone arte the days that each Apple update was an improvement over the previous one.
    Well, with version 11, all my work obtaining high quality art was entirely wasted, not to mention so many other plain awful "features".. As is normal with Apple now, each update removes good features and adds poor ones..I gave up and installed Winamp for Mac..

  20. Boy what a mistake it was to upgrade to iTunes 11.. absolute piece of utter trash.. The motivating factor however, to upgrade in the first place was that iTunes 11 was DOG SLOW.. reminded me of my old days with a 386 PC. By slow I mean, click a song , wait 30 seconds for ANY response, during which time nothing works on iTunes, and try to get some work done. selecting a title to edit it often took 15 seconds before it became editable text. Everything felt "sticky".. Apparently 3 Gigahertz (cont)

  21. way too fast, got so lost there and had to reinstall 11.

  22. Can i just download iTunes 10.7 from apple and add the music there? 😛 lol

  23. will the additional playlists that i made on itunes 11 be lost when i downgrade?

  24. I think this is the only besides either using an old time machine backup or reinstalling your OS (which is a pain)

  25. is there an easier way? i tried doing everything u did except backing up itunes 11. i had a previous backup on my time machine and copied, but still wont load itunes 10.7. help!!!

  26. Thumbs up for Ace of Base – Flowers 🙂

  27. Yes I just cut the itunes folder to the desktop – you don't need to do this – you can use an external backup too – but data transfer is faster

  28. If you have the backups just drag and drop (or copy them in)

  29. @JDogTutorials how do i get more recent back ups of my previous itunes library in the folder?

  30. In preferences change the grid view from light to dark

  31. Don't forget that when you open iTunes 10 again, you can hold down option to select a different iTunes library file.

    And thanks mate!