How to Downgrade macOS Big Sur on M1 Mac Apple Silicon 11.4 11.5 or 11.6 to 11.2.3 MacBook Pro & Air

Do you need to downgrade macOS Big Sur on your M1 Mac from 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 or 11.6.2 to 11.2.3? I will show you how to do it while retaining all your data! Big Sur 11.3 breaks sideloading iOS and iPad OS ipa apps! You can downgrade to 11.2.3 to get the ability back.

Do you need to downgrade to an older version of macOS Big Sur on your Apple Silicon M1 Mac? This is a how to video that goes over how to downgrade to a previous version of macOS Big Sur. I will show you how in a step-by-step process on how to downgrade macOS Big Sur from 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 to 11.2.3

Download macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

How to create a macOS Big Sur USB Installer video –

macOS Big Sur Full installers database download page –

For more info on sideloading iOS games on M1 check out Andrew Tsai’s amazing channel and website! His latest video shows you how to install Big Sur 11.2.3 on an external hard drive so you can still sideload apps!.

How to downgrade macOS Big Sur on Apple Silicon M1 Macs

Download full macOS Big Sur IPSW Install files here –

I will go over how to restore macOS on your new Apple Silicon Mac Mini. Your first line of defense for installing macOS on Apple Silicon should be macOS Recovery. But if for some reason you are having problems with that you can boot your Apple Silicon Mac with a Big Sur USB installer drive. I wrote an article covering all the changes to macOS Recovery here.

Order of that you should follow for reinstalling macOS on Apple Silicon.

1. macOS Recovery
2. System Recovery – (Will boot automatically if macOS Recovery is unavailable)
3. macOS Big Sur USB Installer Drive – (External boot for macOS Installers is enabled by default on Apple Silicon)
4. Apple Configurator 2 REVIVE option – This option will reinstall macOS Recovery (retains user data on the SSD hard drive)
5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS
Apple has just posted a new articles on macOS recovery, booting to DFU mode and how to restore macOS Firmware.

Revive or restore a Mac with Apple silicon with Apple Configurator 2
Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro 13″

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– Apple Mac Enterprise IT Blog & macOS News for MacAdmins


Mac Transition to Apple Silicon Everything you need to know!

New Article How to reinstall macOS on your Apple Silicon Mac

macOS ISPW Firmware Database – Download Full macOS ISPW Files!

MacOS Big Sur Index of need to know changes! (UPDATED)

macOS System Status (Issues) – OS, Xprotect & App Version Database

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  1. With 11.2 and 11.3 you can now downgrade macOS Big Sur with just one Mac and without using Apple Configurator 2! This is a huge change and makes downgrading a lot easier for users. In this video I will show you the easiest way to downgrade and retain your data! Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. just skip the blablabla boring part until 8:07. You just have to initialize the internal disk…

  3. ALSO FYI – My 11.6 Macbook Air had an issue that required a wipe and restore from Time machine. HOWEVER, when you do this, Apple's restore app actually restores you up to 11.6.1 without telling you, and then merely copies the time machine files to your new 11.6.1 computer, where they cease to function, since they were installed on 11.6, which had a vastly different set of security parameters.

  4. Incidentally, if you have a mac, stay TF away from 11.6.1. Everything changes and most of my apps stopped working. The security bullshit they've introduced is so over the top that almost no 3rd party app can function properly.

  5. unfortunately, none of this works if you are stuck on 11.6.1. The installer installs to the Applications folder, but the icon has the ghostbusters NoNo around it.

  6. My MacBook is on MacOS Monterey, I wanna downgrade to MacOS Big Sur but After I have MacOS on my Flash drive and run that to install, when it ask to select the disk it says this disk cannot be downgraded. Please help if anyone know the solution.

  7. Hello! the link to 11.2.3 is not working anymore( can you reupload ? cheeeeers

  8. Do you know if it's possible to downgrade the new MacBook Pro M1 pro 16" 2021 from Monterey to Big Sur?

  9. Big Sur 11.2.3 is no longer available on your site 🙁

  10. this copy of macos big sur is too old, when I try to downgrade to 11.0.1

  11. Does it work now? I can't access the download link for 11.2.3
    "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."

  12. Where can I download the file 11.2.3 ?

  13. I tried but this did not work. When in recovery andI picked my internal drive it stated this drive cannot be down graded. Did I do something wrong?

  14. Does this work for downgrading from 11.5.1 to 11.1 on m1 macs without losing data?

  15. Big Sur 11.6 update broke Citrix Workspace app. So I tried downgrading from 11.6 to 11.5.2 unfortunately it does not allow me to select the "Macintosh HD".

  16. HELP! I am running 12.0 and when I get to the prompt “select the disk where you want to install macOS” and I select my Macintosh HD, it says “The volume cannot be downgraded” what? Now what? Help!

  17. I tried downgrading to 11.4 and appeared a message saying “The volume cannot be downgraded.” 🙁

  18. i have 11.5.1 but i couldn't upgrade. its not giving me permission

  19. Hi MM, just had a run-through of most of your videos, saying they are HELPFUL is an understatement. Just want to ask though, if the video above is applicable to Big Sur 11.5.2? Was trying to get the 11.2.3 installer from your link but am not able to. 🙁

  20. Do these same steps apply if I want to downgrade from MacOS Monterey beta 6 to beta 5?

  21. Hey Macintosh,
    I am on 11.5.1 right now, try to follow the step to downgrade my OS to 11.2.3 for the sideload, I follow the video that creates a USB Bala Bala, but after I at the installer app and trying to select a driver to install the old OS, and I try to select the drive I am currently using, it said: "The update cannot be installed on this computer". I check with my system info, the mac I got in early Aug, comes with 11.4, is that the reason that I can't downgrade it to 11.2.3?

  22. I have m1 mac and i installed mac os12 in it and use it some time but now I erase ssd from recovery mode and installed macos 12 again and its stuck at create your account and if I try to create again then it shows everything is wrong.

    Please help

  23. HELP!! I have an intel 2019 but it says it won’t boot from the install usb BECAUSE it’s not APFS, is this because I’m on an intel?? I can’t find any videos for intel only your M1. Please help! I need to use an app by tomorrow.

  24. how do you have such a cool format on your terminal???

  25. @ Mr. Macintosh – can i downgrade my 11.5.2 to 11.4 or earlier?

  26. i followed the steps to remove mac but after erasing it updated to version 11.5.1 and not 11.2.3 as expected. Pls help me tks

  27. after update 11.5.1 my MacBook Pro turns off when charger is disconnected and when re connected it was restarted automatically…
    Plz Help Me 😭😭

  28. Hello MM. Thank you for putting these instructions on the web for all to use. It is a great service. I am not familiar with programming languages and your instructions provide an easy-to-understand succession of steps that even I could follow (after skipping by the "erase the whole thing and start over" and restore from Time Machine" options). My 24" iMac M1 came loaded with 11.3.1. Except for freezing up sometimes three or four times each day (think of PCs back in the '90s), it has worked well. I do a lot of document scanning using Preview. Yesterday I upgraded to 11.5.1 and I got the dreaded "You don't have permission…" message when I tried scanning using Preview. I decided that downgrading to 11.4 would be the best alternative to (hopefully) get my Preview scanning privileges back. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the step to specify where to install 11.4 and I chose the M1 drive, a message popped up stating, "This volume cannot be downgraded." Is there anything I can do to work around this restriction? Thank you.

  29. Unable to downgrade from 11.4 to 11.2.3 on m1 iMac. After I enter the startup screen and tried to install the 11.2.3, it says unable to update. I double check the installer within the usb, and it shows 11.2.3. However when I click "about" in the installer startup screen, it display the version as 16.2.01, which is 11.1

  30. this would be a lot more apple-y if you first explained the simple way completely, only then later explained all the various alternate options. Grateful though for this information.

  31. Took some time but absolutely worth it.
    Thanks so much!!🙏

  32. i send email please check and i try to 2way beacuse i fail downgrade 11.2.3 version so i re try 11.3
    same problem and same mention" You cannot downgrade that volume"

  33. Please help me with below issue, bro.
    “This copy of the macOS Big Sur installer application is too old to be opened on this version of macOS”.

  34. bro please tell me is it can use i mac ??!! iam using new version i mac 11.4 version
    some people told me that i mac can't dowload usb method ~

  35. 11:06 / in this part i can't move next level
    " you can't download big sur " and not appear hard driver downlaod my mac
    i need to erase my file ? like 09:02?

  36. is it can use i mac ?? same way ?

  37. it dosen't work your download webpage how to dowmload

  38. THANK YOU just downgraded from 11.4 to 11.2.3 and now i can run genshin again on my mac. this saved my life!! ❤️

  39. how do i download the pkg file

  40. I currently wanna upgrade my Mac m1 11.2.3 to 11.3 since 11.3 has xbox controller x series support compatibility. Can I use the same method here to install 11.3???

  41. Tells me that “The disk cannot be downgraded”. Any help

  42. Great video! Would like to ask, using this method, am I able to downgrade from 11.4 to 11.2.3 without losing any data?

  43. 감사합니다 ㅠ.ㅠ