How to Download macOS Monterey on Unsupported Mac ? using gibMacOS,, the easy way

In mid 2021, Apple announced their new macOS 12 (macOS Monterey) which is Apple’s newest operating system. Unfortunately, with the the release of macOS Monterey, Apple has officially dropped support for their several Mac nearly before 2012.

gibMacOS is a free open source software that can be used to download several macOS systems such as:
Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, ..

❇️ you can download gibmacOS from:

❇️ you can create a bootable macOS Monterey following the steps in:

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  2. why did you select developer's catalog?

  3. Hi, I followed the video but when I try to use the installer, it says cannot be installed on this computer. What should I do? Thanks!

  4. hi does this work for 13-inch, Mid 2010) white macbook unibody

  5. your tutorials are very nice..and soo easy to follow thank you so very much

  6. Thank you,very good tutorial!Realy easy way! LIke and sub

  7. Thank u for creating this video. its nice that u show excatly how u do things. It feeels like you learn more from watching Youtube videos than actually reading about the problem you have. Have used videos many times to fix like games when I havent got them to work ^^

  8. Just subscribed. You are the best. Thanks! I'm planning on updating my mid 2012 Mac Pro 5.1. I love my machine. I really not ready to get the latest desktop at this point unless it is the Mac Pro which came out in 2019. 2019 Mac Pro is way overpriced at this point, I'm holding on to my 2012 Mac Pro as long as I can. I'm at the latest version of macOS Mojave. I wanted to update my whole macOS to where it will feel new and updated. So I am doing a lot of research on updating unsupported Macs. I'm looking to do some spending on SSD, rams and even get a nicer computer monitor.

  9. Great Video, I downloaded Catalina… all looked good, no fail. But attempting to run the InstallAsstAuto fails stating package requires additional components. I tried the other pkgs in folder with same error msg.