How To: Dual Boot Mac OS X Lion

Are you looking to try Mac OS X Lion before upgrading your Snow Leopard installation? Wouldn’t it be nice to try out the new features and deal with the bugs of a brand new operating system while retaining a more stable SL partition as your main operating system? In that case, dual boot Lion and Snow Leopard. It’s extremely easy to do and will take you less than an hour from start to finish.

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  1. I have a question, I have Lion and I wanted to install snow leopard in a partition, I already installed SL in my macbook pro with Lion, when I'm going to start with the SL partiton it doesn't start, just keep showing the grey apple and doesn't load the SL, how can I fix it?? please help I need snow leopard to run pro tools 9 in my macbook!

  2. Hey
    is it the same method for installing ubuntu into mac?
    pls i need the answer ASAP cause i am eager!!

  3. and this works the opposite way?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this… I had been on the fence about upgrading to Lion, but with this I get to feed that Mac hunger, and still have my Snow Leopard safe and sound in it's own partition.. Worked like a charm =) Even helped identify that I needed to run disk repair to fix some issues..

  5. What happened to the magical welcome video?! But I like X not 10 X is the best letter ever, think about it, Mac OS X, iOS X, if made, iPhone X, iPod X, the only iPod, and OS X Mountain Lion, lion X

  6. How much space did you make that partition?

  7. @74ryanwolf ok, im thinkin about gettin a mac bevau

  8. @fr1j0l170 on a macintosh you can legally, but on a pc you can illegally..

  9. Mac OS sucks. Windows ftw.

  10. Highly informative, Michael. Thanks.

  11. Can u dual boot mac and windows 7?

  12. @iBenTV3
    my computer is half the price, tripple the ram and double the hard-drive space.

  13. i know it's OS 10, i had 9.2 on my G3 for awhile, but X is just quicker for me to say OS X than OS 10

  14. What he didn't say it will be half that on an SSD when installing lion I know I have tried it 🙂

  15. fuck there's no welcome screen

  16. @joselovesPCs X is the roman numeral for 10. Apple say 10. It came after OS 9. Lion's Software version is 10.7. It's meant to be 10.

  17. @sccerstr09 Well if you really want more storage just upgrade the Hard Drive yourself. It's user upgradeable now last I checked.

  18. Maybe people call it X because Apple puts an X on it. 😛

  19. @sccerstr09 Yes, but like me the computer is from a few years back where that was still quite a large amount for a Notebook computer. Go on Apple's website right now and see what is available, quite a bit of storage, up to 750 GB now I believe.