How to Enable Key Repetition When Holding a Key Pressed on macOS Big Sur

How to Enable Key Repetition When Holding a Key Pressed on macOS Big Sur.

One thing I’ve always liked about Macs is their secondary keys, where holding down a letter key will display variations of that letter. This comes in handy when spelling non-English words, but if that’s not something you ever do, Apple’s substitution of special characters for the traditional key repeats of Windows computers can be an unneeded – and perhaps unwanted – feature.

If you use key repeat on your Mac, you may want to adjust the settings to suit your needs. You can change the delay before a repeat starts, and also the speed of the repeat. You can also turn this feature off if you never use it to avoid mistakes.

The good news is that there’s a simple way to take control and change the behavior of long key presses to accommodate your needs. This not only works with letters, but number keys as well.

This tutorial will apply for MacBook Pro, Air, Mini’s running the macOS operating system. This tutorial was performed on a macOS Big Sur system.


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  2. I have only had my new MacBook M1 Pro 14" for 3 days and I cannot fix this issue. I've read and tried things online and including your video. It will just not work. I am beyond disappointed. Ridiculous