How To Erase and Reset a Mac back to factory default

I show you how to erase and reset a Mac back to factory settings in my step-by-step guide. Make sure you create a backup prior to doing this as it will completely delete all files on your Mac.

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  1. Tq so much u helped me a lottttt

  2. What happens if you don't sign out and just reset it and go into recovery mode and delete the things you deleted?

  3. Not able to follow what you are saying, unfortunately.

  4. Is there any way to restore the data even if you have followed this process?

  5. I'm trying to quit the factory reset

  6. Only issue I'm now having is when its time to install the OS, it says I need internet connection but I just wiped it off with the previous step.

  7. Mine doesnt show a drive when selecting drive……..what does that mean?

  8. honestly thank you i was struggling

  9. I tried for two hours with different videos before my husband sent me this video. Thank you so much! Only video that helped.

  10. Hi. Thanks for this straightforward and clear video. I have a 2017 MacBook Air that I'm considering selling. It is currently mirroring my 2021 MacBook Pro. My question is, if I wipe to 2017 Air will I also be wiping the MacBook Pro at the same time? That would be bad:-)

  11. Hi I just need to delete everything on my MacBook Pro back to zero to free up all the memory, I don't want to disassociate myself with the computer I am keeping it how do I do that? Thank you.

  12. someone gave me a mac today. said he didnt want it. how do i factory reset if i dont know any information?

  13. Too complicated. You're too fast to let people catch up.

  14. I'm in the process of factory resetting a Macbook pro 2011, I did the disk utility erase, when I go to re-install OSX Yosemite, I get a pop up saying, "A required download is missing." How do I resolve/bypass this?

  15. Mu MacBook won’t charge when I’m doing this

  16. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…! I bought a new Macbook Pro 13 for my wife and she didn't set it up properly, forgot all the passwords…and your video brought new life to the new Macbook…!!!

  17. I just wanted to make my pc like new

  18. my mac has two different names on the Disk utility area and i have no clue which one to erase

  19. My MacBook pro 16 2020 with Activation Lock got deleted within some period of time..

  20. I just need it to see if I can play fortnite because I have a lot of stuff

  21. iTunes? Thing is way in the past.

  22. QUESTION – I hope you still use this Youtube account. I am just wondering if i do not have an apple keyboard with my Mac mini if you know what i would use instead of COMMAN OPTION R (I dont have a command button). Thanks in advance, Mark

  23. Need help was trying to install the last part of the video but saying missing the required download is missing? Does anyone know how to fix it?

  24. Did this on my 💻 with BigSur and it took 2 hours to restore, cannot wait to take it back to the store

  25. Fantastic video found this very easy to understand and found very useful in information that is in step by step

  26. What if in macOS recovery there is no Machintoch? what would be my next step?

  27. I cant seem to find how to log out icloud in the new 2021 OS

  28. How did i even forgot the new password i changed? I did this to stop my kids from using my working MacBook Pro 13, buh thanks to Moe for helping me recovering my password and Apple ID

  29. Can you recover files (video picture) using a disk drill application after a factory reset?

  30. I tired out this moe based on popular comments and tbh I also was amazed how fast my MacBook Pro 12 EFI was Restored From Password Lock.

  31. This was very helpful Thankyou

  32. Nice. Very pedagogic and straightforward.

  33. Sorry my reboot failed 😣