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  1. It works !!! Thank you

  2. what should be deleted in the keychains folder?

  3. I need to do work and it's doing this

  4. Go to Applications > Keychain and delete all files inside the Keychain Folder and click "Cancel" on the popup and this should fix the issue. It worked for me.

  5. Thanks man, really helpful 👍

  6. now it says your keychain may habe been renamed ,deleted. and keychain cannot be found to store

  7. I can’t even open the keychain access the system block it

  8. Thank you!! You’re awesome

  9. This helped today, thanks a lot your a life saver, happy holidays!

  10. How can you do this on the latest OS version?

  11. I went to network unlocked apple padlock went up to locked vpn icon amongst WiFi and computer to computer folders connected (green) and deleted (yellow)vpn icon WiFi and computer to computer (yellow now)locked apple padlock. restarted computer.

  12. Thanks mate, you're a top bloke! 👍

  13. What an absolute legend

  14. Thank you. I have been trying to solve the issue for hours. You saved me. This one works!

  15. Doing this will not delete any saved logins I have stored in Keychain?

  16. I couldn’t find the folder in my MacBook Pro

  17. Hell yea. It worked 👍🏼

  18. "…mild irritant on your computer" that's a bit of an understatement! Thank you so much for the vid… solved it!

  19. Thanks dude, really appreciate the vid. Got me out of some trouble.

  20. Worked nice – thanks!

  21. Thanks!!! Anyone ever said you sound like mr traumatik

  22. Awesome. it did work like magic.

  23. cleared the popups out. thanks mate

  24. had a keychain issue for ages. was really annoying. Big thanks to you. was able to get rid of it following your simple steps. thanks mate