How to Fix This Copy of the Install macOS High Sierra Application is Damaged and Can't Be to Install

👉How to Fix application is damaged, can’t be used to install.
👉[SOLVED] This copy of the Install macOS High Sierra.
👉I can’t install macOS Mojave because this copy of the Install macOS Application is Damaged.
👉macOS installer application damaged.

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this copy of the install macos high sierra application is damaged,
how do you fix this copy of the install high sierra application is damaged,
macos could not be installed on your computer,
high sierra is damaged and can’t be opened,
this copy of macos is damaged vmware,
this copy of macos is damaged virtualbox,
high sierra corrupt image,

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  1. this saved my butt. i just started a computer repair out at the local flea market and knew nothing about mac but took one in to learn on that needed a hard drive replace and kept getting the error till i did this

  2. If someone get this error and you still not fixed the error you can try:
    1. Click on Devices (of Virtualbox) -> Network -> turn off Connect Network by click to it.
    2. Back to MacOS setup -> open Terminal -> type:
    “date 111213142016”
    The error will be fixed.

  3. Im hoping this works for me ive fixed too many error codes to get to this point to just end up getting another error. ill let you know if it worked for me using VirtualBox Version 6.2

    Edit: IT WORKED!! thank you!!

  4. Got to the installer, +1 subscriber

  5. Worked for me! Much appreciated!

  6. best tutorial ever! Hope more people do videos like how to solve problems within 1 minute…

  7. I'll give it a try 😀

  8. I was still stuck with the situation where I could not download High Sierra via App Store (It only said “Open”) on my mid-2011 iMac running Sierra, and running the Install macOS High in ‘Applications directly failed, as did all of the attempts to boot from a USB drive with the Terminal commands to create a Bootable USB. I have a Thunderbolt to USB3 adaptor, but I know this iMac cannot boot from USB3 via Thunderbolt, only the USB 2 ports on the back, or a FireWire drive.

    Downloading 10.13 in App Store on a more recent 2013 iMac running Catalina worked, but the downloaded file gave the same problems on the 2011 iMac.

    Booting from the USB worked OK, but choosing the Install macOS option always failed with the broken image message, no matter what network ports were active (I have both WiFi and Ethernet, and had shut them both down with ifconfig en[01] down in Terminal. Date changes made no difference at all. Same broken image.

    However, what does appear to be working (as I type this) is to use’s Install High Sierra on Unsupported Macs Patcher utility.
    The tool can actually download the correct file (which doesn’t work from any of Apple’s App Store links) and knows that this hardware natively supports High Sierra, so doesn’t need to patch it at all.
    It can build the USB Boot Installer, and another piece of info I picked up elsewhere, booting in Safe Mode (Hold down shift) after setting the Startup Disk to point to the High Sierra Installer USB drive now appears to be actually running the High Sierra Installer, having prompted me to Agree to the License, which is further than any previous attempt (Caveat, I had actually previously installed High Sierra on an external FireWire drive attached to this machine for testing soon after HS was released, but the drive died just prior to the pandemic)

    Progress bar shows 26 minutes remaining (Apple minutes, of course). I will update later as to whether this succeeds or not, but I’m more hopeful than I was when I first got the broken app message hours ago. 🤞