How to fix your color calibration? Everything Works MAC OS Calibration (Just Squint)

How to Calibrate any MAC computers.


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  1. Hi, I got a problem. I was trying to clear the "Other" section in the storage on my Mac, it was taking up 60GB of space, and I seem to have deleted something that is responsible for the "white point tint scale", not sure if this makes sense. Basicaly if I do what you are doing at 5:51 the tint does not change. My screen now has a cool blue tint, all colours have this horrible blue tint. Can anyone help me reset it back to normal? Thanks a lot for any helpful suggestions.

  2. Very useful video. Thank you

  3. Thank you!! It worked great!

  4. how do i do the setup again?

  5. This worked thank you!!!

  6. Hello …do this work on a thunderbolt 27 inch