How To Install Mac OSX On Any Windows | Complete Step by Step Tutorial 2017

Learn How to install Mac OSX El Capitan on vmware as a virtual machine.
there is no doubt that apple’s Mac OS is the great operating system with cool features. but the hardware is so expensive that most of us cant afford to get one.
but you can taste the flavor of Mac on your windows computers.
in this video i will show you how to install mac OS on windows PC step by step. when i say step by step that includes. installing mac on PC, file sharing from your host computer to your mac OS etc.
to install mac OS on PC. you will need these tools.
1. Mac OSX El Capitan
2. VMware Workstation


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  1. this file is not downloading access denied msg arrives

  2. I am from Iran and i enjoy YOUR VIDEO

  3. will this be a skin or complete OS of MAC

  4. This virtual machine is configured to run with 4cpus, but the host has only 2 cpus. This virtual machine cannot be powered on. why is like that?

  5. Mine does not have virtual system got Compaq

  6. can I install macos 11 as this way?

  7. Can i install this os to burn on usb so

  8. What is your pc configuration 😭😭😭 please tell me

  9. Thnaks man, helped a lot, i am also Afghani blood and bones but born in other country

  10. Hey, maybe raise your volume…

  11. It says it’s illegal to download Mac OS if you are on a pc other than created by Apple or is a Macintosh pc

  12. You solved my problem thanks a lot bro.

  13. how to download a free version of the vmware

  14. guys, will i lose my data and files, If i install this?

  15. yes but problem is your system will slow down because u r running 2 OS at a time.

  16. Finally Installed Mac IOS on my hp laptop through cyberwizard19 on insta he is actually a great hacker indeed

  17. After much trials mine was perfectly installed through this professional hacker on instagram called Cyberwizard19,he is really a life saver indeed💯

  18. Please help me its getting reboot after showing apple logo..

  19. I contacted the man on Instagram and he did the job perfectly,thankś to Cyberwizard19 he is a true haćker

  20. why one system is needed within another ? 😳 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Will it work on a desktop having 2 GB RAM ?

  22. I can't use this method because of my 4GB of RAM 🙁

  23. Amazing! Actually worked, honestly didn't expect that 🙂 As of now I can't afford to buy a new Mac, so this will do for now 🙂

  24. you have to pay for VMware

  25. i have a problem with VM. I have apple boot loop. Can you help me?

  26. hey do you know if you can back up the osx file and or copy it to a real drive and install it in a apple computer? and have it work?

  27. bro what is the size of internet used please tell because i am a jio user

  28. set up macOS Canada on it

  29. I am not able to extract the file, it asks me to look an app in the Microsoft store. Please help!!!

  30. HI, why cant i install the Imovie, also how to increase the video card

  31. Great 👏👍🙌 clear explanation and complete steps as in the title. Appreciated bro.

  32. VMware Workstation is not free in ur link

  33. can you please re upload mac os in driver as not downloading