How to Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on an Unsupported Mac

In this video, I go over the process of installing macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported Mac. This entire process involves the use of my “macOS Catalina Patcher” program, which I wrote to automate the installation process. Download and instructions can be found here:

If you need to disable the AMD video card on your 2011 15″/17″ MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,2/8,3), you can follow the guide found here:


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  1. I had to disable my “Csrutil” to install the upgrade

    I did disable and completed the install

    But I am unable to enable it, as it’s telling me I need to enable from root recovery

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Have you encountered the no entry 🚫 sign at the start of the reboot install process after the USB device is made. I have a late 2009 Mac Mini that has an El Capitan OS.

  3. Worked great on my old mid-2009 aluminum iMac (95 bucks with shipping from Ebay). There is a verbose, shell output "thing" that's displayed as it boots. That scared me – thought the thing was locking up or something. But apparently that's just part of the hack. Seems to be working fine – some exceptional skill, there, dosdude1. Thanks a lot.

  4. I got up to the part where u convert the hard drive and I was trying to install the Catalina but it says that its damaged how can I fix this?

  5. Does it keep all my stuff or erases everything after installing those updates

  6. can i instal catalina in my mac book air 2010late?

  7. Catalina being supported till 2022 is not much time left but I guess better than nothing ☺️ shame some hardware outlast software 👍

  8. Thanks Dosdude1, I’ve risen some old Macs with your help through this video but recently I’ve been experiencing Firmware Updates Required message on some machines I’ve been trying to run this same patch on, how can i get pass this?.

  9. Thank you so much for that really great work and excellent communication. Saved my bacon with a friends computer — needing an upgrade to Catalina to be able to load a Citrix prog to work from home.

  10. Hello, getting to the part where I install the macOS Catalina on my disk(I set it to APFS) and it doesn’t restart it just goes back to the MacOS utilities screen. What’s the issue?

  11. Will this give you errors if you clone the HDD with Catalina to a SSD? I ask this because of how the disks should be formatted

  12. Can you make the installer in windows 10 or not?

  13. Dosdude, I have an Imac 10,1 with a new SSD, so starting from scratch, can i simply just install the catalina OS? I used your firmware update, but I didn't notice any changes.

  14. Great video, unfortunally not suitable for combos like mac pro 3.1 with nvme 🙁

  15. Dude. I stopped using my Macbook mid 2010 because it came to end of life earlier this year. I was worried that with the lack of updates I was going online in a compromised machine. You've just rescued my machine. Thank you so much.

  16. I would like to reverse this process, to downgrade to High Sierra. My MacBook doesn’t behave like it used to. However, I can’t format the internal SSD to MacOS Journaled. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  17. This is great!. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the Catalina patcher. I now have Catalina installed on a early 2011 MacBook Pro 17". The patter worked perfectly.

  18. This may be a silly question, but will all of my documents, phots, programs, apps, etc… still remain on the MacBook once I complete this process? I'm really only trying to download iMovie. I have High Sierra an it will not allow me without catalina 10.15.6 Thank you

  19. Anyone know if the MacMIni 7,1 is available? I do not see this on both the compatible or non compatible list

  20. The drive I set up isn't showing after the restart and holding the option button… Help !!!!!

  21. 22:06 how much time this last processing will take??

  22. Please tell me why the erase button on the hard drive is greyed out

  23. Anyone has experience installing Windows with this patch

  24. Followed this video to upgrade my 2013 macbook pro but after my mouse pad is malfunctioning. I'm able to move the cursor and right click. But having a problem left clicking or opening files… any feedback will warmly be appreciated

  25. I am having trouble with Imovie, it keeps crashing…… will an SSD help. (2011 mac mini / 500 gb hdd / 8 g Ram)

  26. Can’t efps on disk utility what to do plsss ?

  27. my guy… airdrop stopped working bro..I can't even find the airdrop icon in the side bar, and when I searched for it ot iopenng…im using MacBook Pro 8,1 ….

  28. I really appreciate your excellent work Collin and like to share some comments. I have Installed Catalina twice on a MacBook Air 4.2 mid 2011 (supported according with the list on the Catalina Patcher). This has happened about last three weeks. First time it worked for two weeks ok, with one issue only that had to do with the camera was disabled on some apps as zoom etc. I Found a workaround (using cmd command sudo killall VDCAssistant). During the third week after first installation one morning my Mac didn’t accept my log in password, I tried many ways until I was able to recover it through my Apple ID, without Catalina but the previous IOS Sierra. Yesterday I reinstalled Catalina and it’s working OK so far. I have no idea about what could cause the problem Thanks again for the enormous help you are providing to so many Mac users.

  29. This stuffed up my whole iMac. It says when I get to the recovery mode, and when I go into the patch area that it is not on my iMac. I take the USB out and the computer just has a flashing folder with a question mark???? Wha do I do, pleaseeee help

  30. Great! but have a question, i have an 2011 mbp 13, and the patched catalina OS don´t recognize my AirPort Card, do you know any fix? Thnxs a lot!

  31. Hello dosdude! The official APFSFWUpdate file is currently unable to download. Is there any alternative link that I can use to download the patch?

    Thank you.

  32. Hi! 
    I downloud Catalina patcher, but I can not install

  33. Hello! I'm dying to use this… Maybe a stupud question though… i have a Radeon RX 580 and you say the there are issues with MD/ATI Radeon HD 5xxx. Would that mean my card wouldn't work or is the HD different from the RX?

  34. Hi Dosdude1, I have a 2011 MacBook (7,1) and when I start the installation from the USD stick, it says I need to first update to High Sierra and then install Catalina. I have formatted the HDD in my MacBook so I couldn't start it. Please help. Thank you in advance

  35. Do you have a Big Sur version?

  36. Hi dosdude1, thank you for the video but after I installed this patcher on my macbook pro mid 2009, the DVD rom can not play DVD at all, CD is good but not DVD….! When the DVD is inserted the player app pop up but no movie at all. I already update the patcher but the problem still the same. Any help please……

  37. I know your name is dosdude, to me you are Dude1, just the best!

  38. By the way my Mac air is one mid 2011 with 4gb RAM. maybe this issue I have just written on my previous comment had nothing to do with the patcher installation?

  39. Thanks a lot to Dude1 for the great job done on this project. I have installed it already. I would like to share some comments about bugs and issues I have founded after a month of success installation: 1. Zoom and other VDC camera apps became inactive. I found a turn around using cdm command sudo killall VDCAssistant. But the scariest one happens today when my Mac did not accept my correct password on log in. I was positive sure the password was correct, however did not work! I solved the problem resetting my password with Apple ID. I was able to login finally and my desktop showed the iOS previous Sierra version I had, before installing the Catalina patcher. Now I am afraid to reinstall Catalina again. I will appreciate any suggestion.

  40. Hey my macbook just stuck on 14:56 and don't go further what should i do ? Kindly help anyone please

  41. قناة جميلة تبارك الله عليك أنا جديدة عندك كنتمنى يدوم التواصل بيننا وشكرا ❤️🌹👍

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