How to Install MacOS Big Sur On Windows 10 With VirtualBox – Display 256MB vRAM

️‍New trick! Please Follow this . How to Install MacOS Monterey On Windows With VirtualBox – Best Performance :

How to Install MacOS Big Sur On Windows 10 With VirtualBox – Display 256MB vRAM – New Easy Method to Install macOS Big Sur in VirtualBox Windows 2021 and can increase display graphic memory from 3 MB to 128MB and 256 MB with install Install Guest Tool on macOS VirtualBox with 128 MB vRAM and there is no laggy while running #macosbigsur and #vmware #virtualbox.

This tutorial work for spesification Intel or Amd. Easy install MacOS Big Sur On Windows 10 With VirtualBox (new method).

If you are not aware of what a guest tool is, it is a pack of utilities which enriches the performance of a VirtualBox operating system to improve and streamline its operation. To be specific, it improves mouse performance, enhances graphics operations, and also increases the display and resolution capacity of your macOS by up to 16:9 and 1920×1080 pixels, respectively. So, how can you leverage this revolutionary technology to enjoy a better and smoother macOS? Well, in this tutorial, you are going to learn all that. Have a look!

How to Install macOS Big Sur in VirtualBox Windows
Step 1 – Creating a Virtual Machine
Step 2 – Modifying VirtualBox with Command File
Step 3 – Setup for install macOS Big Sur in VirtualBox Windows
Guide – How to Install macOS Big Sur in VirtualBox Windows 2021

Files :
VirtualBox :
MacOS Big Sur iso :
Setting VirtualBox :

My Specs run virtualbox :
PROCESSOR : AMD Ryzen 5 2600
VGA: Asrock RX570 4GB
RAM: 4 GB + 4 GB
MOBO: Asrock B450M-HDV
OS : Windows 10 Lite

if you have any question, please leave your comment below.
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  1. New trick! Please Follow this . How to Install MacOS Monterey On Windows With VirtualBox – Best Performance :

  2. Install Success, but Graphic diisplay still 3 Mb only, already tried 3x time same result, laggy and can not use

  3. how much is less than a minute the answer is 1h

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  5. It’s been stuck on “less than a minute remaining” solution?

  6. please how can i get the big sure iso file ?

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    Can You play Game ?

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  31. Hi ! Great video !! Unfortunately I have a problem.. everything was fine until 5:18 of your video, the loading is super long.. it's going to be an afternoon that the logo puts me "There are less than 1 minutes left" but still nothing, I tried restarting it but still nothing. could you help me please ??

  32. After all tutorials, I landed on a one that is complete and worked for me! Thank you for your help 🙂

  33. My pc IS 64bit operating système. And when in try macos i see 32 bit Mac it allow me only

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