How to Install macOS Monterey in VMWare

In this video, I will install macOS Monterey in VMware Workstation Pro 16. This will also work on VMware Workstation Pro 15, the steps will be fairly similar. Please ensure you check the system requirements (0:11) because this installation can use a lot of resources. See below for links mentioned in the video.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:11 System requirements
1:15 Unlock VMware
2:55 Create virtual machine
4:42 Edit VMX file
5:47 Power up virtual machine
6:09 Format virtual drive
6:38 Install operating system
8:33 Install VMware Tools
9:52 Complete Installation

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Video Notes:
Install VMware Workstation Pro:
Monterey download:
Auto unlocker download:

VMX File
VMX file requires this parameter at the end…
smc.version = “0”

Additionally you can add a model details , these are important if you want to MDM enrol your VM but is not required…
board-id = “Mac-551B86E5744E2388”
hw.model.reflectHost = “FALSE”
hw.model = “MacBookPro14,3”

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  1. Actually good tutorial. I had it working before by myself but I didn't use MAC on Windows much. Now that I wanted to come back, I was having issues launching back up. This helped!

  2. Can i use basic VMware?

  3. thank you this video was awesome and if i didnt watch it then i wouldnt have macOS set up right now

  4. Didn't work for me. It installed but when I'm suppose to install VMware Tools the installer don't show up. (AMD Ryzer 5 Processor)

  5. a little slow but it still works so far

  6. It worked like magic ❤, Virtual Box is shit 😂

  7. Do you need Workstation PRO or will it work on the regular, free version too?

  8. update: monterey is kinda laggy on my system lols

  9. will it run on i3 12100?

  10. I keep getting grey screen when its meant to show the setup after installation

  11. Hi, I’ve gotten this error when installing an app that the mac doesn’t support “metal” how do i fix this? Can you please help me?

  12. The quotes in smc.version = “0” were not the right, it should be smc.version = "0"

  13. I have a question so I insatlled it worked fine and my host pc turned off from a poweroutage Monterey ALWAYS freezes halfway when at the boot apple logo anyidea?

  14. 32GB RAM
    4 Core CPU
    GTX 1080 ti
    3x 350GB ssd

  15. Try this free license key it worked for me ZF3R0-FHED2-M80TY-8QYGC-NPKYF instead of the unlocker

  16. I’ve successfully installed the virtual machine however the refresh rate of the machine is horrible. Is there a way to improve the lag?

  17. Trying this on a 12700k with 32gb of ram and it's so slow I cannot even get the installation done. Every mouse click means a 5 second freeze, as does most any other interaction. I gave the VM 8 cores and 16 gigs of ram. It doesn't help. VMware Workstation 16 Pro Build 16.2.3

  18. The VMware unlocked doesn't work for me. VMware pro is still showing the 30 day trial even after I run it.

  19. worked perfect mate. you just need to u pdat evmx file

  20. I followed all the steps,, but all I get is the apple logo, I check the vmware.log every few mins it updates saying it found another device and its been like that for 24hrs.Any suggestions

  21. this method is suitable for MacOS Monterey 12.3 (21E230) version installation using vmware workstation pro 16.2.1 build-18811642 ?

  22. Fantastic tutorial, thx! Could you please help me out, how to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection)?
    I've tried it in many ways but none of them worked on this VM.
    Thank you very much, in advance!

  23. Thx for the video bud…. Everything is running pretty smooth except I can’t enable airplay mode, I’m using a razor blade 15.6 RTX2070 16gb ram. I was able to update with the newest Monterey 12.3

  24. Superb video. Doesn't skip over anything and works smoothly. Liked and subscribed

  25. Cannot use internet and Wi-Fi

  26. It’s just being restarted again and again don’t know why, while installation

  27. I just have a problem that whenever I am starting to boot it for the first time the mouse is very laggy and my pc crashes as the mouse is so laggy so I can't download it

  28. Where is the code that you pasted on the notepad?

  29. installed bigsur
    on vmware, but its too laggy..

  30. Thank you for this tutorial. I followed all the steps but after erasing the hard drive the installation isn't working. I have Intel CPU.

  31. when i open the vm ware give me this error I use amd CPU

    Error while powering on: Value "“0.0†" for variable "smc.version" is not a valid integer value. Using value "-1".

    Failed to start the virtual machine.

  32. Thanks for the tutorial. Can you make the video how can we install Mac os on Hyper V??

  33. In your video in the graphics accelerator is not functioning…. Bottom the menu is not transparent, have you fixed it?

  34. my specs: intel core 17 7700 @ 3.6ghz, zotac mini version of nvidia gtx [email protected], ssd for only os aka windows10pro, hdd 2tb for vm disks games etc.
    so when i try to install the mac os its so slow like the install took like idk almost 1 hour after the install its so laggy and after i restarted the vm it bootlooped

  35. pls put a google drive link in your blog

  36. После перезагрузки черный экран и все больше ничего не происходит Black screen after reboot and nothing else happens

  37. "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system". I take this error when I start virtual machine. please say how can i fix it. also i turned on virtualization in bios

  38. does it work even if your only gpu is an nvidia 3070ti?

  39. Do you have a tutorial for Virtual Box? Because VMware Pro is making me pay for the software after 2 weeks.

  40. what will happen if we sigh up with our apple ID?

  41. Hi my bro i wanna to know if there is lag with minimize because of i found this issue in mac os big sur

  42. Will this work in
    Windows 10
    Ryzen AMD 3
    4 GB ram?

  43. Finally, finally, finally… 🙂 Typing from Monterey. I had issues with Virtual Box with Big Sur or Monterey, where it always got stucked on "less than one minute remaining". Only way, that worked for me, was this way through VM Ware Workstation. Yes, it's laggy, but great to meet Mac OS. Thanks! (Intel PC)

    Otherwise, I have one question. Is possible to run native Mac OS on Windows PC in dual boot? Like classic OS installation through bootable USB and installing on hard drive?