How to install macOS Monterey on an Unsupported Mac

In this video, I am going to be taking you through the steps on how to install macOS Monterey on an Unsupported Mac. For the patching process shown in this video, I will be using a patcher tool called Open Core Legacy Patcher, as I personally think (as of the time of recording this video) that this patcher is the best one that is currently available. It is fairly straight forward to use once you get the hang of it and it also supports a wide range of models. Installing the latest Operating System on your Unsupported Mac will also allow you to gain some of the latest and greatest features of the system as well as the newest security updates, meaning that you can continue to use your current machine for even longer!

Important Links and Downloads:

Download the latest macOS Monterey Installer:

Download OpenCore Legacy Patcher (GitHub):

OpenCore Legacy Patcher Information (Website):




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  1. Now it stuck at 25:37 saying "Select the system you want to use to start up your computer" but the selection options never came up… Anyone can help? It restarts into macOS update assistant, and says A required firmware update could not be installed.

  2. 15:57 Stuck here, as the disk picker doesn't pick up my USB drive. Anyone got the same issue and know the fix?

  3. The only problem with this method
    We can no longer have Windows and Mac on our system at the same time
    Boot time interferes

  4. Thanks for this tutorial. I have a problem. I can't install it on a macbook 8.1 (Late 2015). When I just installed Monterey and it restarted (minute 25 of the video) it shows an error of "no firmware update found. I tried it 5 times and don't know what to do. Suggestions? Thanks

  5. Can someone help me with my question? When I open the apple store and go to Monterey, it is telling me it is compatible to my laptop but and actually gives me the option to get it and install it. But i am afraid to do that. I have a mid 2012 15inch 16gigs Ram and 2TB samsung evo 860 SSD drive.

  6. Thank you so much:) I also got this MacBook sooooo…. Any major performance issues vs big sur?

  7. Hi. In video at 15:55 when I try to install OpenCore to USB/Internal drive, the list of disks does not show my external USB hard drive, which I previously converted to a Monterey boot disk. I previously formatted it for Macintosh extended journaled file system. But Open core indicates that disk must be an EFI or FAT32 partition. But is that really so? How can I format this on a Mac or even Windows 10? What step could i miss? I am using an external WD Elements HDD 1.5 TB

  8. Everything went smoothly until the end when I followed the steps to boot without the USB. When I did the patcher step in Terminal. First going to Post Install Volume Patch and then to Patch System Volume. After this step it tells me that 'No Root Patches Required For Your System'. And now each time i need the usb drive to boot my 13" mid 2014 Macbook Pro. Please help.

  9. 35:17 It’s possible to replace white boot screen by using DarkBoot, if one wants to keep everything visually consistent. 😀

  10. i think you missed transferring the os to the boot device…coz it doesnt gimmi the option after choozing tge bbot device

  11. I followed the same steps, it worked for me but when i restart the mac, it is not loading and showing 🚫 sign.
    What do I do??

  12. Hi, I have already installed the patch for Big Sur, now appears the update to Monterey, Can I update from here or your recommendation is to follow this steps?

  13. I got all the way to installing open core patcher on my usb. OpenCore doesn’t recognize my plugged in USB. How do I get around this/fix it ??

  14. I followed this exactly and it works but only if I have my external SSD connected, otherwise it won't boot after a shutdown, and it shows an error and to contact Apple!

    I can boot into Mac OS with the external SSD connected and once I get to the desktop, I can even remove the external SSD and unplug it, and the OS keeps working, however if I shut it down then I can no longer boot into MacOS and get the same error. I have to then connect the external SSD and then power off and back on again, and then it boots to MacOS!

    Wtf have I done? Please help! 🙁

  15. Thank you! After following your instructions step by step, it all worked fine 🙂

  16. Hi! Great tutorial, very easy to follow, so thanks for the work you put in!!
    I successfully upgraded my late 2013 iMac (14,2) to macOS Monterey, but I have some issues left. Screen graphics feel a little sloppy and menubar and dock are not transparent. Also I have no brightness control. I read this is a common issue and you need to run the post patcher to get this solved if you have a built in HD Intel graphics card. But I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB graphics card… so do I still need to run the post install patches? I also see some other options under the miscellaneous menu but I don't exactly understand the meaning of this… Also I heard that you loose delta updates option when you apply post installer patches?? Hope you can help out! Thanks!

  17. How will this affect the late 2014 imac?

  18. Is not recognizing my external pen drive 🙁 for some reason

  19. In the last step where I need to set showpicker mode to false and install opencore to internal drive, no matter how many times I do it, it doesn’t work. I need to have the USB plugged in all the time and it always shows showpicker mode. Can you help me through this please??

  20. Hello, this process that you do with beta 10 is the same process done with the final version? or open another way to install another question, the final version can be installed on my imac late 2012 / with the same OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher 0.3.0 I can install the final version?

  21. Getting error "cannot execute binary file", any fix?

  22. Successfully installed on a mid-2014 MacBookPro11,2 !
    Thanks a lot for your tutorial!

  23. Hi, Ciao from Italy – Your video is really great- but I do have a "little problem". I 've followed carefully your tutorial until I've opened as you described the "OpenCore Legacy Patcher v0.3.1". No need to change the computer model name, so I go straight to the option 1 and then the number 2 – The terminal show me two option the number "0.  disk0: APPLE SSD SD0128F (121.3 GB)" and " B.  Back" – No pop up to allow the USB. Please , would you mind to guide me to go further… Thank you very much in advance – Marco from Italy

  24. Hi, thanks for the video.
    I installed Monterey on an iMac 21.5 late 2012 following all the steps explained, but I can start the computer only if the installation USB key is inserted in the computer (I also did the point 2- Install OpenCore to USB / internal drive).
    Any advice please give me?
    Many thanks

  25. Thank you so much for patcher, I have installed macOS Big Sur on my MacBook Pro 17 late 2011 every thing working great without disabling GPU with patcher 0.2.4 . I have installed macOS Monterey with new patcher 0.3.1 but something is crashing after patching , for example safari can’t swipe with 2 fingers and I can’t login until disabling gpu

  26. Macbook Pro Late 2013: Tried the install a few times and mac does not complete normal start up. The mac only boots when entering safe mode. Erased the disk from recovery and did a clean install with the same issue. The thing is i had it working fine in the early monterey betas. Then after one of the beta updates it stopped booting up in normal mode. So I Rolled back to Big Sur then tried the public release install today but still having exactly the same issue on clean install, does not complete boot. With safe mode i was able to get to the setup assistant and into the desktop. There shouldn't be any startup items, launch agents, extensions causing an issue. I am starting to think it was graphics related because in safe more the graphics performance is reduced.

  27. bootcamp works ? for dual boot windows?

  28. Thanks mate for the well documented and detailed video, big thumbs up

  29. Installed on a 2014 MacBook Air 13. Installed perfectly no issue followed all steps. Turned the computer on in the morning and now I get a 🚫 on start up