How to install OSX on PC or Laptop in (VMware) 2017

How to install OSX on PC or Laptop in (VMware) 2017

Hello everyone,today i am going to show you how you can use mac os without buying any apple laptop or desktop.
OSX is a amazing and beautiful Operating system,but its hardware price is so expensive that we cannot afford it.So today i am going to show you how you can install mac osx in your pc or laptop using vmware workstation.
First you need a minimum spec pc or laptop.You cannot use this os in low spec pc smoothly.
First Download VMware Pro:
Now install VMware pro in your pc and run vmware unlocker as windows administrator.
Now download OSX EI Captain:
Extract this in your pc,to extract this file you need winrar.
So download winrar app for your windows from below.
and now follow the instruction in the given video.
Thank you for watching..
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  1. where is the txt file for that code you need to paste at the end?

  2. So the Download is broken, The one that downloads the MacOS File, Can you fix it?

  3. can you fix the download?

  4. I want to know why we need to replace true with flash and other and need to enter that code why?

  5. Unable to install VMware tool

  6. board-id = "Mac-8ED6AF5B48C039E1"
    hw.model.reflectHost = "FALSE"
    hw.model = "MacBookPro6,2"
    serialNumber.reflectHost = "FALSE"
    serialNumber = "W88460PP1AX"
    smbios.reflectHost = "FALSE"
    efi.nvram.var.ROM.reflectHost = "FALSE"
    efi.nvram.var.MLB.reflectHost = "FALSE"
    efi.nvram.var.ROM = "3c0754a2f9be"
    efi.nvram.var.MLB = "C0720270QVDKP2AT"

  7. thank you so much this is only the works

  8. Help me
    I just downloaded .vmx mac os file
    It was not booting in vmware how to fix

  9. please help.
    I am getting these when I open the VM

    Binary translation is incompatible with long mode on this platform. Long mode will be disabled in this virtual environment and applications requiring long mode will not function properly as a result. See for more details


    Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. To run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMware Player supports Intel VT-x or AMD-V.

    I would really appreciate some help!

  10. you are a genius , but I don't know what is the use of the code we paste it at the end
    many many Thanks

  11. hey i cannot find the code where is the code

  12. This is the only one that works, thanks. Registered in channel <3