How to Make a Bootable Mac OS X El Capitán 10.11 or Yosemite 10.10 USB Thumb Drive

Here is the easiest way to make a bootable USB recovery disk using a USB flash drive, so you can repair and/or restore your Mac OS X operating system if it is ever corrupted.
Will work in El Captain 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, and Mavericks 10.9 see download links below

New Video on how to do it in Mac Os X 10.12 Sierra

Download Diskmaker here

Straight Download here for El Capitan

SD Card Recovery For Mac Computer in MINUTES DISCLAIMER: Use these tips at your own Risk Disclaimer – use these tips and all Mac tips on this channel at your own risk. – mac tips youtube


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  1. I tried to reset my mac and i am stucked…cant use now help me…
    I forgot to backup my mac

  2. youre so easy to follow along with THANK YOU

  3. I have a simple question that I cant get a yes or no to. I have a flash drive with El Capitan already on it, & I installed it on my Macbook. It works great, my question is, can I use that same flash drive on a different Mac to instal El Capitan?

  4. You Rock!! Thank you.. And thank you lifesaver you two..

  5. hey shani jaf do you know where i can get a copy of yosemite or snow leapord?

  6. Hi Shani, I'm a new user of macbook os x 10.6.8, and i have a lot of question in mind. So as i said, i only have 10.6.8 upgrade and i do want to upgrade my system as i watched your video about the el capitan upgrade it's quite easy but can i know why i need to make this bootable usb recovery disk?

    How about, if i downloaded and installed the el capitan and it may corrupted what would happen?

    Yours would be a great help thanks!

  7. best and most easiest tutorial there is thank you soo much

  8. New updated Video on how to create a USB bootable disk for Mac Os X 10.12 Sierra

  9. hi love your video have you got a direct download link for yosemite

  10. Cool this saved my bacon for sure many thanks

  11. absolute gem.thank you


  12. Hi, I already have El Capitan Installed and can't find a way to download it again to make the bootable USB Drive. Any suggestions on how to overcome this????

  13. Awesome .. 🙂 Thanks a lot Shani Jaf.. 🙂

  14. hi man, i have a macbook air, but something went wrong and i lost my os… i only have a pc, and i've been trying to create a bootleable version of the 10.11, but my mac wont recognize the flash drive as an osx installation… i've used transmac and poweriso…. not sure why it wont let me do a clean instillation…

  15. helped a lot!! Thank you!

  16. i want to make a bootable USB for ML, any suggestions?

  17. Do they have a DiskMaker for Snow Leopard?

  18. so far no problems . its coping files a lot better then the other methods that don't seem to work at all no matter what i do . hope for the best out come

  19. Thank you this was simple and easy!

  20. Thanks a lot Shani Jaf it work for me.

  21. Thank you Shani…Great video!

  22. Thank you for the tutorial it really worked! I had swapped out my old hard drive in an early 2008 iMac to a 1tb and replaced the disc drive with a solid state drive so I had no recovery partition and don't feel like taking everything apart again to make a mirror of the drive. Lol so I just followed your guide and did it with this USB method. THANKS!

  23. Thank you so much +Shani brilliant How To video you have definitely gained a subscriber here !

  24. hello, thank you for the video,
    but on the app store i dont find OS X 10.11 Developer Beta!

  25. Thank you very much! Using this to convert back to Yosemite from El Capitan after having keychain nightmares.

  26. this process don't erase everything in my hard drive? I meant clean install? before I get started, I want to make sure that all my files are safe and they're not going to be erased

  27. Really good tutorial. Thanks!

  28. UPDATE : They just came out with the El Capitan version so here is the download

    Now you can choose El Capitan or Yosemite or Maverick

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