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Learn how to reinstall the operating system on your Mac, using macOS Recovery.

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  1. Saved my ass !!!! Thank you

  2. What if it doesn't show a drive to install Mac on

  3. Thank you My Heart was in my nuckle thanks a lot

  4. Mine password shows but there is no option to unlock this passwords

  5. Hi i did shift+option+command+R at the moment i have managed to have progress now. Trying to install mac OS and see if it works thanks a lot otherwise would have just given up and bought a new one. Just needed to have access to files badly

  6. Hi, THANKS for the information. Will this process also resolve the vertical screen flickering issue on the device?

  7. Hello, what is Internet recovery? Should I use it?

  8. After showing few hours remaining the system got off not showing anything should i wait?

  9. Can anyone help with my problem im trying to update me mac to Mac os x lion but every time it tells me to log in to app store its says temporarily unavailable

  10. what if you haven't backed up your mac with time machine?

  11. I’m installing Mac Os Big Sur to my MBP Early 2015. But progress bar says 8 hours 36 minutes remaning. Is that normal? Help.

  12. what if i lets say accidentally deleted the os and cant choose any disk how?

  13. Thank you very much 😃

  14. hello, i have os x el capitan with me, and i wanna reinstall it but it says that it was temporarily unavailable. :/// smh i already erase my internal disks, and didn't backup to time machine. i really need this desktop for my classes 🙁

  15. How do I do this with an external display? My screen is broken and my Mac doesn’t recognize my usb keyboard on boot 😩

  16. What if I dont have a disk, what do I do then?

  17. 1:50 For me, no disk appears. I have no idea what to do to fix this, someone please help!

  18. I just did this to fix my wifi issue. Hope it will not disconnect again.

  19. what if you dont have the PW?
    bought a used one

  20. Any1 else doing this because your mac was laggy

  21. For some reason, it doesn't show the startup dis but when I go into settings it shows

  22. There are no disks available when I try to reinstall macOS please help I’ve spent a lot of money on this computer

  23. Mine doesn’t say reinstall macOS?

  24. Does this delete all the data?

  25. I have MacBookpro 2015 256GB SSD.. when try to erase my SSD …. The erase options is not highlighted …in this case what should I do

  26. It has been saying “Less than a minute remaining” for about half an hour. what do i do??

  27. When I do this it takes me to start up disk

  28. HELP. when I reach this point 2:04 it doesn't show my disk

  29. it would be so nice if it were that simple. I want to clean install my old machine from 2009 so I formatted my HD and tried all of the options to do the clean install. I've been working on this for three whole days now with no luck.
    Every time I want to reinstall macOS High Sierra I get this error message:

    "Installation of macOS could not continue. Installation requires downloading important content. That content can't be downloaded at this time. Try again later."

    I already spoke with someone of customer service over the phone for almost one hour, still no luck.

    I tried several other this; with sudo commands in terminal, with installing from one of your software servers via terminal etc. but nothing works.

    So, I have now a very powerful yet very old NOT working system. Not properly working since three days ago – back than everything was fine.

    Can you point me to the right direction? Thank you in advanced!

  30. Help please I wanted to reset my laptop completely to sell it which also means deleting all data but I forgot to reinstall the software and now it keeps flashing the box and question mark. And when I tried to contact Apple Support it says that I need to put in my serial number but I cant because I no longer have access to my mac. Plz help I am crying.

  31. How do i Fix this item is temporarily unavailable

  32. Hackintosh ??🔥🔥

  33. I forgot my password and my recovery key, and my disk is also encrypted, is there a way to reset my mac from factory?? Im really stuck and desesperated pls HELP!!

  34. Crackling fireplace with Thunder Rain & Howling Wind Sounds

  35. i am getting "Less than a minute remaining…" with apple logo and progress bar from more than an hour. what should i do next?

  36. Howdy Apple Support! My macbook says, using the Internet Recovery (mac os that came with the pc), It just says when i try to install: This item is temporaraly unavailble. Some help?

  37. Please please help The only Mac OS is the mac ox s which came out in 2013

  38. I will never buy this shit again. Everything was deleted and now cannot run Macos

  39. I went for the the reinstall portion but there was no disk there to be able to install. What do I do?

  40. this shit don’t work for me n i start school in a couple days 🤦‍♂️😭

  41. Will the data gone after reinstalling?

  42. hi yes i love the video but its still not working for me idk y plz help me

  43. during the download process the operating system if the display is off will the download process continue?

  44. Hey, every time I try to reinstall Mac OS it says and error try again. Can you help me with this please?

  45. Im nervous mine takes so long 😭😭😭😭♥️😭🥺🥺🥺 pleasss help me

  46. this helped me get out of a boot loop i had haha thanks

  47. My MacBook is just stuck on the spinning globe :,(

  48. I have the last intris chipped MacBook Pro

  49. Hello I'm in the process of reinstallation, now what's this error " This Apple ID has not yet been used with the app store."

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