How to Run Apple MacOS Catalina on Your Windows PC

In this tutorial, I am going to install MacOS Catalina (10.15.3) virtual machine on my Windows 10 PC using VMware Workstation Pro ( virtualization technology).

What is Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is any non-Mac system that a user modifies to run the Apple operating system. Even though Apple doesn’t support (or advocate) running Mac OS X on a generic PC, with the proper hardware and enough determination, it is possible.

Tools / Software Requirements:

1. Windows OS
2. VMware Workstation / Player
3. VMware Patch Tool
4. Windows Notepad
5. WinRAR ( Extract the Patch Tool)
6. Apple MacOS Catalina ISO image

Addtion to MacOS Catalina virtual machine configuration file :

smc.version = “0”

Useful Links :

Download MacOS Catalina ISO file:

Download and extract (RAR file) the VMware Patch Tool:

Download Vmware Workstation Pro:

Download VMware Workstation Player:

Download WinRAR ( Extract & archive files):

Legal Notice:

Apple does not authorize the use of Mac OS X on any x86 PC other than the ones it has developed itself. The company used technical means (although not the Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, as has been widely mis-reported), to tie Mac OS to the systems it distributed to developers after announcing its switch to Intel’s chips.

This Video is made for educational purposes only using virtualization technologies ( VMware Workstation).

Tutorial Parts:

Introduction: 00:00
Install VMware Patch Tool: 01:28
Create MacOS virtual machine: 02:14
Edit virtual machine configuration file: 04:16
Install MacOS Catalina: 05:19
Install VMware tools: 11:19

Thank you for watching!

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