How to Run Windows Inside Mac OS X

Are you afraid of buying a Mac because it doesn’t support Windows applications? This is the solution. VMware Fusion lets you run any Operating System inside a windows on your desktop! You can also run Ubuntu (Linux), Chrome OS among others.

Download VMware Fusion here:

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  1. it wont let me use paralls or vmware fusion…. someone help plz

  2. Please help I downloaded windows 7 and when i start up it says 1. Unable to retrieve kernel zone sizes. 2. failed to initialize monitor device 3. Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to. What do I do?

  3. Yes. But i recommed bootcamp for GTA IV

  4. can it run games fast like gta 4

  5. Do you need a windows disk for to install it ?

  6. I HAVE 1 ask can i put it off ?

  7. Well in my situation I just want the best of both worlds, reliability and power of a mac with the simplicity of a pc.

  8. ??dosnt make sense… their trying to use windows on mac because they cant stand their mac, thus the hate. im a fuccin PC kinda dude, im just talkin bout wut you said and how it dont make sense.

  9. Its funny how many people are hating on macs and yet they're here watching a video on how to use windows on a mac.

  10. Can we play games like League of Legends with this VM ??

  11. if you are looking at this video because you just want to run windows programes on mac please go here


  12. Hey what was that one video recording software that you used

  13. how can you take it off if u do it

  14. is the virus of window will effect the mac to ?

  15. because osx is way better then windows

  16. AVG Free, which I use for my pc, works really well 🙂

  17. what did you use to record i use screenflow?

  18. Me … I want to learn Visual Basic For Applications … 🙂

  19. Someone here who said Mac can get virus I don't THNIK So Mac can stop virus but pc Don't dat sucks then


  21. Because 3D studio max is not available for OSX and I need it for work.

  22. no it doesn't…..mac is easier for things like editing and making photos….windows is far better for gaming purposes

  23. Because mac is faster better and more expensive. Which makes it better

  24. where can i get a windows disk or what it is? 🙁

  25. Thanks for trying to pronounce your V's, i know how hard it is for you guys 😛

  26. how do you put your face, basically the video cam while recording your screen?

  27. What application are you using to show your video? lol, awesome video! 😀

  28. Does this program work in reverse? allowing someone to run OS X in Windows?

  29. Hey dude, can i ask something? so which means that once we install the windows 7 on our MAC, i bet we can play PC games like Call of Duty, Skyrim etc? Would be very appreciate it if you could answer..thanks 😀

  30. Can i now install games like Need For Speed and cod and will it run ok or would you not recommend it?