How to Set up and Use Time Machine to Backup your Mac 2020

Time machine is a built-in, pre-installed backup program found on macOS or OSX. In this video, we show you how to setup your Time Machine backup as well as look at and explain the settings within Time Machine Application. Time Machine works as a backup on any MacBook, iMac, etc. BUT not iPhones (iOs). Time Machine only works with the following operating systems to back up your Mac: macOS Catalina
macOS Mojave
macOS High Sierra
macOS Sierra
OS X El Capitan
OS X Yosemite
OS X Mavericks
OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Lion
OS X Snow Leopard

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  1. Thanks for the info! I did a bit differently – I have an external ssd on which I created a partition only for back-up, and set TM to that.
    Got one problem – when I try, I can’t eject the backup partition, only the other partition of the drive, it says that a program is using it. Although I checked an TM was not doing a backup. Any advice for a workaround? I can only force eject that partition…

  2. Thank-a-million! I'm new to computering. Will it shorten the life of the external drive keeping it plugged in all the time?

  3. Pal, Devil is in the details.. I am a new Mac user, wanted to upgrade to Monterey but afraid to lose programs and files and wanted to try Time Machine. I just could not open that interface all other videos/bloggers mentioned until you have clearly pointed out to use Time Machine in the Preferences ^) thanx a lot!

  4. The info is great. Thanks but the ‘music’????! For gods sake why??? Distracting as all hell. Irritating.

  5. Do we need to eject the drive or just unplug it and it’s fine… usually I get erro message asking to force eject the drive that contains the backup

  6. I have a 2020 macbook air (M1 chip). I don't get any of those prompts.

  7. This has been extremely clear and helpful THANK YOU!!!

  8. Thank you! Easy to understand and follow!!!

  9. what am I supposed to do if I don't want to use my hard disk for time machine anymore? I want to use my hard disk for storage instead….

  10. I can’t get into my MacBook Air 💻 backup from iMac 🖥 help please! 😞

  11. Great video! Gotta question: I connected my new external hd for a time machine backup,
    but I can't drag any files into the new external HD now that it's connected to time machine.
    How can I allow file to drag in to the drive and receive time machine backups?

  12. Hi I have a doubt. I am planning to upgrade to Big Sur and gonna use Time Machine to backup around 30gb data. Do I need a new external hardrive for back-up? Since I already have an old 1TB hardrive which has around 900gb free. I know it's probably a dumb question but I read somewhere that you should have a separate hardrive for using time machine. Pls help

  13. i live in utah so i dropped a like the second i saw the hat 😂

  14. They wiped out clean my laptop at Apple and now I'm trying to restore it from Time Machine on an external hard drive, the issue is that when i try to do so, and i select the hard drive, it says ''No macOC system backups were found''. I know the Time Machine is there still because i can open the hard drive on another mac and go through it. Any ideas of how can i fix it? I tried updating my software, updating to Catalina, everything. I'm lost.

  15. So the hard drive has to be connected at all times for the Mac to keep saving per hour? Or is there a way for the Mac to automatically save your info on an online cloud every hour (Just to have two options, in case the external hard drive breaks).
    I just got a Mac for the first time after my PC died. I had it backed up on an external hard drive but I only did so when I remembered to. Thus I lost a month's work. I'm looking for a way to back up my files automatically without me having to plug anything in.
    I have iCloud but I'm not sure if that's doing what I want it to?


  16. Thank you for your video its so informative. Can i have have a time machine with a fresh install of el capitan 10.11.6

  17. Hey can you partition a big hard drive in parts to use for time machine with 2 macbooks, macs, etc? or does it have to one external hard drive for every machine? Because it says to erase the drive when you use it the first time. Is it possible to do this for time machine with 2 macs, mackbooks, etc.?

  18. If I have a time machine backup of my computer on a HD, i I can then delete stuff off my computer without actually losing it then?

  19. Do you must have an empty hard drive in order to use the time machine or can you use a used one but it's been used already but not a lot of files in there?

  20. The lighting in your room is cool

  21. Does this back up the operating system

  22. Thank you, I had an old back up from another program that was 6 months ago and my computer crashed. Thankfully I was able to do target disk mode and get all my files back except applications. Never really knew how Time Machine worked so glad I found this video. I'm backing up right now.

  23. This is such a great video…. Can we backup certain big applications too ?

  24. Very thorough and informational

  25. Thank you so much for this. Im wanting to upgrade my 2014 macbook pro on Mojave 10.14 to BIG SUR and i dont have enough space to do it. Im gonna try this out to clean it up and install it.

  26. Can you backup a laptop and desktop on the same external drive?

  27. How long does it take ?

  28. Thanks. I thought I had to do a full back up each time. I have a few other things on the external drive that has my back up. If the drive gets full from backups, will Time Machine delete those things as well? I'd like to keep them on there for now . . .just too much going on to migrate those to another computer and then move them again to a new external hard drive. Thanks in advance!

  29. OH MY GOD. How in the hell would I know that I have to go into the system tray thingy and press "start back up now"? Why not have it in the actual backup window!

  30. dumb question I'm sure, but does Time Machine also back up my Bookmarks?

  31. This video was awesome!! I added a like and sub 🙂 I’m still a little confused because my situation is so specific and I’m scared to lose everything on my computer by trying this as the backup. Can someone please help me with an answer to this question? I bought my computer approx. 8 years ago and haven’t used it in probably 4 years so everything is extremely outdated to where it won’t even let me visit certain websites until I update the computer. I was hoping I could try this time machine method to save all of my data/photos/ everything so that I can update my computer to the newest software. The time machine will have to go back years to save my oldest memory/information. Is this possible without losing anything or should I manually try and save my information?

    Also, should I eject the time machine hard drive when I update the computer to the newest software? I don’t want it to re write or lose any of my saved information if I try the time machine backup. Any tips or help would be seriously appreciated because I know nothing about hard drives! 🙁


    Oh and the size hard drive I have to use as the time machine backup is a 5TB

  32. Thank you so much for this video.

  33. Wow that is so easy you didn’t help me to back up my iMac because it doesn’t allow me to install some applications and I will upgrade to the newest iMac and MacBook Pro 16 inch please subscribe don’t mess it is very freaking hell expensive on Box and kill video

  34. Thank you for the clear instructions!

  35. Hi, I have a question for you. I am having a new external hard drive. I am using Mojave. When I connect my disk for the first time I get a message saying, back up not encrypted time machine is backing up an encrypted disk to an unencrypted disk. Bcs of this error it was taking the back up. What should I do?

  36. Hello thanks for the video ☺️🎉
    I want to clarify something when I restore the backup will it restore my OS as well?… Like i want to install a new OS but something went wrong so can I get back to my old OS when I restore it?

  37. Is it necessary to plug my portable all the time in order to keep my backup updated?

  38. This is the only helpful video over all over YouTube is so annoying watching a bunch of ppl just talking about even they’re damn pets and put you and like WTH did you just said? 👀 I really appreciated dude keep on YouTubing we need more ppl like u 👍🏽

  39. how to set google drive shared drive by another person to the time machine?

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  41. I have Time machine…but it does nothing. I purchased a new external modem…but my mac doesn't recognize it. Any advice

  42. Can you use the disk for regular files after you've set the SSD up for Time Machine?

  43. Which external drive do you recomend me? I would like some "vertical" position of the external harddrive.

  44. Great video!! But music is a bit distracting

  45. how to set up time machine via Wi Fi?

  46. Just needed to find that “Back Up Now” button! Why do they hide it up top only?!