How to Uninstall the Java JDK in MAC macOS Mojave – 2019

How to Uninstall the Java JDK in MAC macOS Mojave – 2019
How to Uninstall Oracle Java JDK 11 in macOS
Uninstall Oracle Java JDK on Mac OS X
Mac OS X
macOS Mojave
macOS High Sierra
macOS Sierra


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  1. This is worked for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Even after deleting the previous version of jdk it is showing the version while I use java -version command

  3. THANK YOU MAN appreciate it

  4. MAN !!!! Thant you veery much! I read abou 10 websites and there are no right information

  5. Thank you very much! You saved my life.

  6. how to enter password after sudo rm-rf?

  7. Do you have to put the Sudo before the rm-rf it says for me the command is not found

  8. thanks! that finally worked

  9. java –version should say "command not found" if Java isn't installed. There must be /some/ code left to tell you such specific information.

  10. it says password and next to it a key. idk what to do help

  11. Hi. You're the best! Thanks a lot!

  12. You are a blessing! The only tutorial I found that actually worked. Thank you very much!

  13. This worked like a charm. Thank you. Could you teach how to install OpenJDK 8? Using brew automatically installs the latest version in spite of specifying the version.

  14. Hello when i run the command it says password then it says sorry try again
    how do i fix that?

  15. Hi! does this work as well with OpenJDK? and if so, it also removes the JRE right?

  16. this saved me. thanks a lot

  17. I have Mojave 10.14 and was struggling to uninstall Java 11.0.2 , this really worked. Thank you!!!