How to Upgrade to Mojave Mac OS X 10.14 on your Mac

This guide shows you the process of upgrading your Mac to Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave, Apple’s latest Operating System.
We also cover which Macs are compatible with the upgrade and how to turn Dark Mode on and off.

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  1. Macbook pro mi-2014 is compatible?

  2. Can anyone tell me the difference between Mojave 10.14 and Mojave 10.14.6 ?

  3. I'm unable to find Mojave. Pls help

  4. I have a MacBook Air 2017 and when I searched for mojave and nothing came up.

  5. Very nice video sir. Many thanks to you. Let me know when I install Mojave then my previous software like Adobe PS, Logic pro x, 3rd party plugins etc still showing on after installing Mojave?

  6. i have a macbook pro 2013 and it wont work for me

  7. when you upgrade, do you reset any files?

  8. is there a way to do it now?

  9. I searched up Mojave but didn’t pop up and I have a Mack book air 2017

  10. how i can upgrade now any help current macOS is Big sur
    and my macOS is 10.12.6 mid 2012

  11. Man I might as well go back to windows

  12. I cannot find it in the App Store. I need to download this version just so I can use my Microsoft app. Any help?

  13. Can someone help i.m stuck on the loading screen and it still saying 53 minutes but not loading

  14. This video is a year old there are now new updates for macOS – the lastest one as of today is macOS big sur – so you’ll need to download That and not the older versions

  15. Watching this video before I finally install Mac OS Mojave on my macbook air. Hoping for a successful installation. Thank you for this sir!

  16. I backed up my Mac with time machine and I still can’t access mojave

  17. i cant find it and im on high sierra on appstore i looked it wasnt there so i searched up mojave on app store it still wasnt there help

  18. No Mojave, No Catalina in the app store. NOTHING beyond High Sierra for an early 2017 Macbook Pro. Bad tutorial. Author should delete it instead of fustrating the public.

  19. Well let me know if you find version 10.14 anywhere in the universe.

  20. thank you so much because of you i change my os x ei captain to high sierra and now the high sierra can become mac os mojave

  21. um it wont let me upgrade like when i search there is no macOS Mojave

  22. i can't find mojave in appstore, do u have any link?

  23. thanks sir it really helped me upgrade my OS

  24. yes this is very helpful 👍👍 thank you for sharing, i will be upgrading soon 😎😎

  25. Thank you sir.. It is help me a lot into upgrade my OS.

  26. i dont have the mojave on my app store, pls help

  27. I am using a Macbook Pro mid 2012 with 8gig RAM and a 500HDD. Is it okay to upgrade? My concern is the slowness or possible hardware issues after the upgrade.

  28. Is it necessary to take backup before upgrade my os???

  29. after upgrade how do u delete the old version from your computer

  30. when i go to click on the hardrive i want to install to I'm not able. its not highlighted and it says it needs to encrypt the file disk. ?? I'm waiting for it to encrypt but its taking a very long time. after is it done should it be ready to go?

  31. Hello ! I have macbook pro late 2011 and it's not working for me! Is there a solution ??

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