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Shortcuts save you time by reducing multiple tasks to just one click. Here’s how to use the Shortcuts app in macOS Monterey.

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  1. How to setup a shortcut to open for example 10 folders with each one as a Finder within the same Finder window?

  2. please, put this advices on latin spanish, we are more than 500 Million population and many clients

  3. please, put this advices on latin spanish, we are more than 500 Million population and many clients

  4. This really is proper support by Apple.

  5. I love the new macOS Monterey update, just installed it on my Mac today!

  6. How do I alter the default "Video to GIF" to look for videos in other folders?

    Currently, it only looks for videos in my 'Camera Roll/Photos' folder. But I want to make GIFs from videos in my 'Movies' folder.

  7. This comments section is… a mess. Sorry Apple Support person. Nice to know that you can also start shortcuts through Siri. Will automations be coming to Mac at some point? If so, is there a timeframe?

  8. First Thank You 😊 Turn on Comment Box And Second Thank you New Revolutionary Product In this World.Finally Glad to Meet To Apple

  9. I don't want to buy a MacBook Pro this year because it weighs too little . I would like to make it a little bigger

  10. How to use Universal Control between Mac Mini and Ipad

  11. Hi, i would like to say that can you update youtube apps on iOS 9? So the older device user can used their old ipad! Thankyou 🙂

  12. Hi Apple, I need help that how to multitask on a Mac like 4windows opened in 1 screen

  13. How to remove notch on iPhone ? Can you share any video on that ? Notch is highly irritating 😠

  14. Is there a shortcut app for Big Sur?

  15. Hello, please how can I run a shortcut from keyboard shortcuts ?

  16. Im subscribed and learning

  17. ❤️❤️❤️ Is there automatic turn on Live Listen for AirPods? My grandparents need this. Please, do it, Apple. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Anyone know a way i can add it to the dock or change the image like you can on IOS???

  19. may i know how to use multiple files from single app at the same time. (e.g., multiples files of MS excel at the time like in the case ALT+TAB in windows laptop ) it would be immensely beneficial to me

  20. How to make siri say something when I'm plugin in my charger???

  21. Appleでアップデートしたら困った事が起こったんですがどこに連絡すればいいですか?
    iPhone12 miniなんですが最新をアップデートしてメモでタイピングするんですけど一定の感覚で文字が固まります。文字がフリーズするといいますか、何度も何度も起こって困ります。Appleさんお願いします、不具合直してもらえませんか?

  22. Will macOS Monterey work great with an M1 Macbook Pro?