How Toei Animation Censored Dragon Ball Z Kai | Complete Series | Remastered

How Toei Animation Censored Dragon Ball Z Kai | Complete Series | Remastered

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Ever wonder how TOEI censored Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Well, there is a host of changes that Toei made that were mandated by the Studio, vs TV Network, or international licensee.

Come find out what those changes are!

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  1. the reason it was censored is because dragon ball z kai was created by cartoon network and cartoon network put things for kids so if they didn't censor it they could make kids have a

  2. Censorship is usually not a good thing. But I can get behind most of these. I don't want child nudity, color correction isn't a censorship and it helps fix things canonically, and flashing lights are hard to look at. All in all, though I don't normally say this, but most of these changes are for the better. The middle finger didn't need to be changed, but at least the celebratory posses the characters are still doing does get the job done I suppose.

  3. I must have watched too many kai, cause I haven't really seen stuff like this before.

  4. Bro really did the middle finger I guess it’s not for kids

  5. Wooshey Comics NOW!

    I remember this coming on Nickelodeon. I knew this was gonna happen. Because it happened prior for western audiences. I don’t like the changes even if they better the sequence. It’s like watching a cut Made by guys in suits. I’ll stick to the original. But I do want to check this out.

  6. With "Kai" we would have liked him to keep the idea of the facelift and not distort the original work by censoring it in this way… but piccolo with purple blood, I like the idea.
    Avec "Kai" on aurait aimer qu'il garde l'idée du lifting et ne pas dénaturé l'oeuvre original en la censurant de la sorte… par contre piccolo avec le sang violet, j'aime l'idée.

  7. “It counts as CP” shows it anyway

  8. Ginyu force pose be power rangers pose

  9. 2:14 the Danganronpa blood lmao

  10. I only agree with the Piccolo's blood color and seizure screen. Also, in Manga, Mr. Piccolo's hands have 4 fingers, not 5. That always bugged me

  11. Im fine with the censerd in kai

  12. Victor Emmanuel Broncano

    While In Our Country Some Bloody Scenes, Nudity And Unwanted Gestures Was Cut On TV

  13. Exactly why I didn't waste my money on the Kai series.

  14. i want my middle fingers back

  15. It’s weird Japan didn’t censor Goku weenie

  16. Anyone know what the language is like in Kai?

  17. Goku: "WHERE MY DICK AT?"

  18. … Did you REALLY just compare nude Goku to CP? What the actual Hell is wrong with your sense of scale? How utterly Twitter.

  19. Kai is inferior in literally every way. All they had to do was clean up the footage a bit and cut the filler, but nope.

  20. honestly namekian blood should be purple cause they are aliens am i right and it kinda looks cool

  21. children today are weak

  22. 3:30 bro 💀

  23. Censoring art or speech is blasphemy to free people.

  24. kai is trash

  25. Prefiro Gráfico original de DragonballZz com censura da Década de 1990..

  26. DragonballZzzz melhor de todos..

  27. 3:04 bro sounded so aggressive

  28. Chilton Stuart IV

    DBZ over Kai. Change my mind. I don't give a fuck about "high quality".


  30. Are we not gon talk about this guy Casually showing a pp on screen

  31. Phoenix Maximus

    and then you get blue ray and it’s a whole different ballgame 💀

  32. that's why DBZ Kai is boring

  33. あいりりいあ


  34. Cara, são épocas diferentes.Não quer dizer que a as épocas seja a mesma.Porque, na visão de todo mundo, todo mundo vive um mundo diferente.Na Terra?

  35. I think piccoro with purple blood makes more sense because he is an alien technically

  36. Actually the piccolo blood change is not good. It became the pink sauce

  37. i want an uncensored version of all the dragonball, dragonball z and dragonball gt episodes. where the fuck can i get that !?!?! why they dont release shit like that !?!?!?

  38. Gotenks flicked u off majin buu

  39. Yall heard how meme cream says gotenks

  40. TheOriginalDalt

    The Special Beam Cannon change is lame IMO.

  41. The best use of the fist up instead of fliping them off is super buu. The holding of the arm shows it is more provocative instead of being more straight forawrd like the others.

  42. Castraram o goku

  43. 2:02
    "it is CP"
    proceeds to show the uncensored version

    americans are a whole different species man fr

  44. alfroblox1 Gaming

    I actually like how they gave piccolo purple blood, makes no sense that a random alien from a planet light years from earth has the same blood colour.

  45. The seizure One just made it better in every way

  46. Kendall Sanders

    It's crazy how people are cool with showing kids who will inevitably be watching this sexual innuendo/flat-out nudity and graphic violence. And then would try to justify it under my comment.

  47. My manga will not have censorship I really hate it