How well does MacOS High Sierra run on an unsupported Mac?

This MacBook Pro from mid-2009 officially supports up to 10.11 El Capitan, but thanks to dosdude1, I’ve had 10.12 Sierra running on it for over a year, and it worked well. Now I’ve upgraded to 10.13 High Sierra, and yes, it’s still good. It works this well because there is a machine worse than this one (MacBook late 2009) which is supported!

However, if you also have an unsupported Mac and you have no real reason to upgrade, you might want to stick with El Capitan, most modern software still runs on it.
If your Mac is supported, definitely upgrade the OS, unless you have some software that isn’t compatible.

macOS High Sierra Patcher:
Future updates, like 10.13.2 and so on, should appear normally in the App Store app when they’re released.

To enable TRIM, which improves SSD performance in the long run, open Terminal and type: sudo trimforce enable

Video playback tests:
Video about upgrades and restoration of this computer:

Something I forgot to say in the video: when running Mac OS Sierra or older, this computer could provide power over USB in sleep mode, but now, with High Sierra, it no longer works (which means if you want to charge something over USB, the computer must be turned on all the time, it can’t be in sleep mode).
However, you can fix it by opening the “Patch Updater” application (you can find it in the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder) and installing the patches it finds.

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  1. Some keys don’t work when I log in

  2. Hey…. I have MacBook mid 2009 with macOS el capitan….. I want to update to High Sierra……. That will work??…… And that will lead to any problem…. Please help

  3. ¿Pérche no provare a utilizzare il cerroto catalina di dosdude 1?

  4. I installed it also on my mid 2009 macbook pro but im getting kernel panics like every 5 minutes its so annoying

  5. Have you ever replaced thermal paste on this Mac? I've recently got an MBP mid 2009 and wanted to upgrade with SSD and Ram, but first I wanted to clean inside to make it last longer, but I'm afraid that opening and cleaning the board will make some mess. What would you do? Worth the effort?

  6. mine is macbook 2009 lion and its rlly old i dont even know how to upgrade my mac…so tbh its rlly hard to use an old macbook. dont know what to do. Im broke LOL

  7. I updated my mid 2009 15” mbp to Sierra with dosdude’s patcher, but the keyboard and trackpad stopped working at the login screen. Have you encountered this? Know of any remedy?

  8. Where can I find high Sierra I have el capitano but I want high Sierra

  9. When this MacBook Pro finally gives up the ghost, will you finally upgrade to a newer MacBook over a windows PC? (I know you bought a windows PC but still)

  10. I have successfully installed macOS Catalina on my unsupported MacBook Pro from 2010 without any problems. Just a bit slower.

  11. I have High Sierra on an early 2008 imac! It runs great

  12. TheComputerGuy96 Hi thanks for your informative video. I wonder if you still have the same opinions about downgrading high Sierra to El Capitan after 3 years passed? Now El Capitan is not supported by apple and high Sierra’s apple support will be ending up by December 2020.

  13. Should I buy a copy disk or will it not work?

  14. yea i still have el captain on my mid 2009 with ssd drive. works for me since i don't really need a powerful computer.

  15. Do you know how to downgrade it back to El Capitan thank you

  16. Did u have to install it twice to get it working? I've done the same, thanks to dosdude also, and had the same result as your little sequence at the beginning of the video

  17. I had the same issue with the speaker when updating to sierra, I haven't checked the part but it might be related to the upgrade, any insights?

  18. Can you do a video of this Mac running dosdudes Mojave patcher

  19. why you mac is in Italian? ahah

  20. is Youtube with 70p 60FPS Possible with this Machine?

  21. does anybody have problems with iMovie? any time I try to edit a video I need to edit it just closes out iMovie

  22. Why don't you upload videos..?

  23. The speaker blown was pure comedy

  24. Just installed Mojave on my Mac Book Pro 5.1 (late 2008). Everything works fine so far…
    If you want to keep El Capitan you could partition your SSD and install a different OSX in each partition. Then you can choose the partition you want to boot from.