i2p Tutorial Mac OS X

A tutorial on how to run i2p on Mac OS X and how to connect to irc.telecomix.i2p.

For other operating systems see also:

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  1. Didn't realize that you actually have to pay for foxyproxy. Did they recently start doing this or has it always been a paid service?

  2. I m trying do do this but it s not working tells me files are not found but I downloaded them
    please help and I'm also a super user

  3. DO NOT FOLLOW these instructions. It will result in a bad install. Follow the guide at geti2p.net/en/download.
    JDK (Java) must first be downloaded at oracle under Java Development Kit section.
    Do not use sudo at install, it will prevent i2prouter from running normally
    The download screen at geti2p.net will give instructions for script, then follow the links for proxy setup, shell arguments and i2p console management.

  4. text version? the pixelated video is a mess

  5. it seems that you cannot both browse and view the "router" page as browsing requires port 4444 and "router" page requires foxy proxy to not interfere.
    Also, I assume there is some sort of buildup of connections which happens as you are connected longer? is it possible to monitor the status of this?

  6. anyone know where a text version of how to do this is? It's a pain to have to follow a video for intructions

  7. @edflow83 im having the same issue for bt5r2 not allowed to run anything as root it says line 55 you gotta change to RUN_AS_USER. but it doesnt work? looking for advice or a god damn screen shot for it LULZ if you figured it out let me know? lol

  8. new-host-3:i2p flofloduvar$ sudo sh i2prouter status
    I2P Service is not running.
    new-host-3:i2p flofloduvar$ sudo sh i2prouter start
    Running I2P as the root user is *not* recommended.
    Please edit i2prouter and set the variable RUN_AS_USER.

    If you'd like to run as root anyway you can edit
    i2prouter and set ALLOW_ROOT=true instead.
    new-host-3:i2p flofloduvar$
    HELP ME !

  9. ahh Fucking Crossover!!!

  10. you don't need to run the installer as root.
    otherwise you won't be able to start i2p as a regular user.

  11. everything is well up until I switch to the i2p in Foxy Proxy. Then the localhost:7657 tells me "my browser is misconfigured. do not use the proxy to access the router console, localhost, or local LAN destinations"

  12. @oceans922 oi, i had the same problem, all ya do is cd desktop/ then put all those files on your desktop, then when it says password, put in your admin password, super user is defeated by SUDO (eg. SUDO! MAKE ME A SANDWICH!) once you CD Desktop/ it should be fine, then move those files when your done mate

  13. It says this:
    -MacBook-Pro:~ $
    $ sudo java -jar i2pinstall_0.8.4.exe
    $ cd applications/i2p
    -bash: cd: applications/i2p: No such file or directory
    and i eliminated all mentions of my name or computer.

  14. Thanks, though I count 23 easy to remember operations in MacOs, Firefox, Plugins, Localhost Pages, Proxies, terminal, IRC, tunnelling, Local bridges, 5 random port numbers, and .de URL sceenreads. Easy! I should have it done by November! 😉