iATKOS – How to make a bootable iATKOS ML2 USB Drive – Mac only

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Intro track “Flu – Şarj-ı Deşarj” 

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  1. Thank you very much for the music name! 🙂

  2. Great guide and great music :))) thanks!!!!

  3. restore failure could not restore input output error. can you help with this

  4. do i boot from usb and change the drive format to ashi?

  5. sorry man but i have yosemite 10.10.1 on my imac late 2013(i bought it with yosemite os) and when i restart the imac with the option button and selected the boot usb i haven't the apple logo but a prohibition sign…can u help me please?

  6. Excellent musica man! Love it..good taste! Thanks!

  7. thanks for the video!!!

  8. iAtkos Takımı Türk mü ?

  9. Does this work for AMD? Or do i have to install a AMD_Kernel on the USB?

  10. in the other tutorial they use mbr master boot record isnt that right? 

  11. i don't have iAktos, i would like install it with the usb!!!! how i can do it?

  12. Awesome.  Great bg track – who was that?

  13. i restored , installed bootloader , but i can boot from usb , i cant find it in BIOS now

  14. ml3u için restore etmemiz yeterli mi? 

  15. hi, can i use mbr? not guid?

  16. Appreciated. Thanks very much.

  17. Doesnt work. Im stuck at disk utility. It cant recognize my HDD. Whats wrong here?

  18. You touch and retouch the icons and move and remove them continuosly making big confusion… stay calm when you record dude. Frenetic touching everything and everywhere… WTF!

  19. Hamza you are doing very good work, i love your work man, you are getting mature everyday….. love you