Install Linux instead of Windows 11 – Here's how!

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Windows 11 is about to make a lot of people feel left behind, but there’s one operating system that’s recently been getting better and better for new and old hardware…

Check out Pop!_OS:
Grab BalenaEtcher:
Grab Rufus:
Get nvidia-patch:
Get obs-nvfbc:

Buy an ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q 32” Gaming Monitor:

Discuss on the forum:



Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:55 What is Linux and why should I care?
2:21 Getting Pop!_OS
4:03 Booting & the installer
6:20 Post-install setup & downloading apps
8:14 Installing Wine (optional)
8:55 Installing games
9:38 A Shadowplay alternative (optional)
11:56 Compatibility, drivers, & caveats
13:37 Conclusion & why I won’t force you


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  1. I'm only 5 months new to pc bro chill I'm not advanced yet to use linux

  2. So Windows requires me to change some setting more deep in the system for them to download 11.. I think not.

  3. Yep dont want to mess with games on linux otherwise i may have switched. At work using it more and more for specific stuff.

  4. anthony is the only Linux expert that I know that isn't gatekeeping at all.

  5. my laptop started screaming when I installed pop os on it

  6. Thank you for the tutorial on how to get NvFBC recordings working! it works great now, i could barely play when recording but now it works flawlessly and the recordings look awesome.

  7. Debian with KDE. I still have windows boxes. I have tried Mint. It works well.

  8. conclusion= game on windows and work on linux


  10. Seems like a great tutorial for anyone who wants to try Linux. Personally, though, I'm sticking with Windows for now, 'cause Linux seems to me to be much less user-friendly.

  11. Etcher recently locked my flashdrive and could not format in the UI to make is usable again. I suggest Rufus now

  12. I like this guy's presentation style. God bless.

  13. The biggest obstacle for most users is going to come down to two things. First, MS Office requires some sort of additional layer to work and can be a pain to install. For a lot of users, the web UI for the main Office apps will be good enough once you get used to them. Then there is gaming, which is less and less of an issue all the time thanks mostly to the Steam Deck.

    Caveat: branding and marketing are probably the actual biggest obstacle. Those require money and open-source projects tend to generate very little of that. Maybe if the Linux users started putting their OS details in their bio… I better fix my bio.

  14. why are you licking the mic

  15. Recently been wanting to switch but just haven’t decided to pull the trigger until today(or tomorrow). I’m getting my friend to do this with since I’m not going in without someone to share my pain with but we are skeptical about it since we just started playing destiny and that still isn’t supported yet natively(thanks bungie for being an asshole) so we’ll have to pick a couple other games to play in the meantime. We’re both gonna choose Pop_! as that seems to be the most user friendly distro and we just want to hop on and play games after installing.

    The reason that I want to switch is that windows is giving me a bunch of problems, but I’ve also been running on the free version which is fine but shouldn’t be causing me problems. I’ve been getting updates recently where windows will straight up delete certain software like Bluetooth which really sucks when I play with a Xbox controller from time to time.

    So here’s hoping that Linux works out and I can maybe turn it into my daily driver for my main set up.

  16. On a for real note please stop going threw my search history…. This video came out at the best time. Been looking for a real planned out video and saw you guys made a video I was sold. 🫡

  17. I while not switch from Windows 11 to Any Linux distros because its hard for me to install games and it 's hard to get Microsoft office 365 i use 365 because of the PowerPoint designer feature which i use all the time for my presentations it's hard get some useful apps and features which i use in windows all the time don't say that Linux sucks it's just not for me

  18. Linux mint with xfce desktop environment ❤️

  19. Hi everyone!!!!
    I have been using Linux mint for the last 3 months. All the services provided by the OS is appreciable.
    All the updates are automatically shown in the notification tray . This OS is much much faster than windows according to my experience, it lags rarely. I recommend this OS to all my fellow friends.
    ~ Aditya Priyadarshi

  20. Been daily driving Linux for almost a year now. Running Fedora. I really like it. Amongst all the other things, it's just such a better looking environment than Windows.

    I make music as a hobby and the only time I really pop over to windows now is for that, as 90% of that software doesn't work on linux, and latency is really important with music, so a VM doesn't really cut it.

  21. Don't do this. This version of Linux isn't anything near Windows. None of this worked for me, in fact it made things worse, I've never been more frustrated by an IOS in my life.

  22. This really cool and all, but do you have a guide to learn how to use Linux properly? I'm tired of looking through helps tip that I can't make work because I don't know some common knowledge omited

  23. My brother doesn't care much for computers and he just needs to be able to download videos/music and copy them to a flash drive that he can listen to when driving his big truck.
    He uses Clipgrab to download the videos.
    Is that possible with Linux?
    If so, which apps are needed for that?
    Such a simple thing to do and if Linux can't do that then …..

  24. can you explane AppImage?

    pCloud Drive for Linux is available in AppImage format. AppImage apps can be run on most Linux distributions. pCloud Drive supports Ubuntu 14.04 or later, Debian 8 or later derivative distributions, Fedora 21, Manjaro, Linux Mint, elementary OS, KDE Neon, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Solus, Pop!_OS.

  25. So does office work w linux?

  26. I'm still sticking with Windows as of now because I'm not much comfortable in Linux but I really hope Linux grows a lot so MS and Apple have something to worry about and also we get better online & gaming experience overall through the improvement of Linux.

  27. Thanks Anthony & LTT. Haven't used Linux (Ubuntu) in years. Just installed Mint on my dad's useless Probook and it is officially back from the dead! Running very nicely.

  28. dudeee, pop os has a purple tint on my viewsonic xg2402. any ways to fix?

  29. Don't fall for this BS, I did and had to go back. This is not for those of us nontech people, only tech types need to apply. I tried Linux, and Zorin OS, but when I ran into trouble I couldn't get any help. Even the Zorin community site ridiculed me for being naive. I spent a lot of needless time getting rid of it and going back to Windows 10. Never again will I use it no matter how much I hate Microsoft. It should be illegal for 77-year-olds to even watch videos that promote it. lol

  30. ill probably switch to linux once windows 10 support ends

  31. I'm using Linux with virtual box

  32. install linux Ubuntu or mint. Manjaro easier then Windows if you know what you're doing. i'm a Linux user for over 12 years . also for Gaming . sorry for my poor english i'm from holland

  33. How do you know all these things?

  34. install linux and run your terminal forever 🙂 and if something is not working (and it will be almost everything) – go for etternal forums, DIY's, etc. And this is to get your notepad running without crash for at least 10 minutes. So good luck with doing something different from server tasks on linux

  35. I noticed when I clicked download on the non nvidia version, it says “intel” in the download name. I have a amd cpu, will this work for me still ?

  36. That’s the teck boss ❤️

  37. thc-p causes people to like get not hungry when stoned. i like this guy actually very much. I wish him great health and more happiness. NMN, astaxanthin, creatine, pheynlpiracatam hydrazide and 1gram of white meang da.

  38. It's possible to use linux on a live music performance ?

  39. Complicated and scary process? Haha. I installed Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon on my laptop through my cellphone. Very easy I should say.

  40. “Blame microsoft” I did for most issues I had before switching to Mint 😂 now feel like I can actually learn without my every move being sold to third parties

  41. if you're following this guide in the future, obs-nvfbc doesn't worth with the newer versions of OBS

  42. Hello, please anyone I need some help I tried to do this and he screwd up big time, he installed linux pop_os without the slithest Idea of what I was doing so after a day I tried to switch back to windows but it not let me, when I run the windows install from a hard drive it doesn't let me do it, it seems as it cannot find it since when I use the list disk command it only shows the flash that I put in. So I gave it to my cousin who said he maybe coud do something but he screwd up more using the shred command on linux and used it on the ssd of the computer and the 4g of microsoft basic data, so now not a single OS can run I tried windows, ubuntu, or Pop_os showing a stdin: Invalid argument whe I tried toat least install Pop_os again. If anybody can help or has an Idea of who could please reach me, I need that computer to do my college work

  43. This bricked my usb

  44. Hi Anthony , have you had a chance to check out the nobara project it's based on fedora?