Install New Font on macOS 10

How to install a new font on Mac OS X using Font Book on OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion or any OS X operating system.


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  1. Thanks for that! 🙂

  2. Thanks bro! Helped me out.

  3. Great tutorial! I'm recently downloaded a free font that I really love, but it's in .EPS file format. I have Acrobat and Illustrator, so I can open the file there, but it just comes up as document with all the letters on it. It won't open with or install to Font Book. I've tried utilizing internet-based converter websites as well, but no luck there. I have FontForge also, but I was trying to avoid having to export each individual letter as an .SVG file and upload to FontForge to build out the font on my own. It's a bit time consuming, lol. Do you have any solutions to convert or install an .EPS font file to my mac? I'm running macOS Sierra, if that makes any difference to you. Thanks for your consideration!

  4. new and beautiful font to install matilda foot for your poster:

  5. Listened to 3 other tutorials and then found yours.  I've successfully downloaded the font I wanted. Thank you!!!

  6. how can I install FFIL font?

  7. Awesome! Excellent video and you made it easy to learn. Thanks

  8. Very well done..crisp n clear

  9. Thanks bruh. Very professional and helpful

  10. Thanks Dude! I didn't even imagine that it was that easy! 😀

  11. Hi, thanks for the tutorial, very useful! However, the font that i'm downloading is Japanese for a video i'm making. Whenever I try to install the font into Font Book, it doesn't install the Hiragana and Katakana. (Plus Kanji) Instead it just downloads these symbols: Hearts, ©, ™, ®, and weird number looking symbols. I tried looking at the readme but it comes up with these Å[ǃÅ[ÇÈÇ›ÇÀÇ¡ letters. I have the language's keyboard inputted. I just have no clue how to fix this. :l

  12. 1st of ALL – you should check the license!!!!
    2nd – thank you for the tip…
    3rd – could be mentioned that you under Default circumstances are not able to see All-fonts on Pages/Photoshop, etc… Also neglecting 'issues' usually leads to disaster 😉

  13. how did you record screen?

  14. Very helpful sir. Thank you

  15. i need to input my  Karen front into my input sources, how can i do that? thanks you

  16. if the font has ".otf" will it still work? the font i want says .otf instead of .ttf

  17. HOORAY finally I find a YouTube on installing Fonts on Mac that MAKES SENSE, is clear, concise and very easy to follow. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  18. I need a specific font called Bernhard FasD (it seems like a common font so I didn't think it would be a big deal) and the sights I clicked on do not have that font.  So how do I find this specific font?

  19. This was very easy to follow and just what I needed thank you so much!

  20. So I noticed that you are given an option to target the file when you download the font onto your computer, when I click "Download" it just sends it to downloads automatically without cueing me about it's destination. How do I get to do the way you have it?  thanks, KP

  21. Hi,

    Is there a way to batch install fonts.
    For example, I download a font mega pack and want to install say 200+ fonts in one go rather then opening them up individually and installing them?



  22. Thanks for this tutorial. Just what I was looking for.

  23. When I put in the font I used in iMovie it changes back to the default.

  24. anson, 
    i've been subscribed for a while, almost all my fonts are mysteriously turned off.  whats a fontaholic like me to do? i can't find any answers.  

    thanks tons i learn so much from you!

    do you knit by any chance?  ha!   

  25. Doesn't work for me. Same problem everybody else has with Mavericks and font Book.

  26.  also upgraded to 10.9 mavericks and as far as fonts are concerned, I don't recommend it. I've had nothing but problems. A lot of fonts that I'm used to using don't show up in font selections In Quark 9.3.1 (Times, Garamond, etc)
    They're just not there. When I open/print a quark document, I get a list of fonts missing. Where'd they go?  Had them before Maverick.  When I did the download a font, it shows it shows problems sometimes and recommends not to download. I just want my Tiger back.  I've had nothing but distractive, time-wasting problems and I'm sick of it.

  27. I watched your video a couple times and zoomed in on the screen. I could not see where the font Cheese Cake installed at all. It did not show up in your Users folder in Font Book. You said it was installed and ready to go. If it really did install, why didn't it show up? Where is it? I am having this problem since upgrading to OS Mavericks. I keep trying to install fonts – exactly as you did in your video – but they do not show up at all and are not accessible in Adobe applications. What is the problem? It appears that it was a problem for you too since the font didn't actually show up after you installed it.

  28. Thanks for nice videos 
    I have VLC vedio file, I want to down load it to my i phone so i can watch them anytime, would you pleas tell me if this is possible or not, and how to do it.
    Thank you

  29. Thanks Anson. One question: if I write an email with a font  like Papyrus, for example, and the person I'm sending the email to doesn't have Papyrus in their font selections on their computer, will that matter?

  30. easy instructions-Well done!