Installing Virtual Box and Windows 7 on Mac OSX

UPDATE: Check out my latest video!
Installing Windows 8 on Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8

Installing Windows 7 ISO on Mac OSX with Virtual Box


Download Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1):

Below you can find the a website with download links for Windows 7:

Make sure you download the ISO that starts with en_ because that’s the english version.

VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application. What does that mean? For one thing, it installs on your existing Intel or AMD-based computers, whether they are running Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating systems. Secondly, it extends the capabilities of your existing computer so that it can run multiple operating systems (inside multiple virtual machines) at the same time. So, for example, you can run Windows and Linux on your Mac, run Windows Server 2008 on your Linux server, run Linux on your Windows PC, and so on, all alongside your existing applications. You can install and run as many virtual machines as you like — the only practical limits are disk space and memory.

VirtualBox is deceptively simple yet also very powerful. It can run everywhere from small embedded systems or desktop class machines all the way up to datacenter deployments and even Cloud environments.

When dealing with virtualization (and also for understanding the following chapters of this documentation), it helps to acquaint oneself with a bit of crucial terminology, especially the following terms:

Host operating system (host OS).
This is the operating system of the physical computer on which VirtualBox was installed. There are versions of VirtualBox for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris hosts; for details, please see the section called “Supported host operating systems”.

Most of the time, this User Manual discusses all VirtualBox versions together. There may be platform-specific differences which we will point out where appropriate.

Guest operating system (guest OS).
This is the operating system that is running inside the virtual machine. Theoretically, VirtualBox can run any x86 operating system (DOS, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD, OpenBSD), but to achieve near-native performance of the guest code on your machine, we had to go through a lot of optimizations that are specific to certain operating systems. So while your favorite operating system may run as a guest, we officially support and optimize for a select few (which, however, include the most common ones).

Virtual machine (VM).
This is the special environment that VirtualBox creates for your guest operating system while it is running. In other words, you run your guest operating system “in” a VM. Normally, a VM will be shown as a window on your computer’s desktop, but depending on which of the various frontends of VirtualBox you use, it can be displayed in full-screen mode or remotely on another computer.

In a more abstract way, internally, VirtualBox thinks of a VM as a set of parameters that determine its behavior. They include hardware settings (how much memory the VM should have, what hard disks VirtualBox should virtualize through which container files, what CDs are mounted etc.) as well as state information (whether the VM is currently running, saved, its snapshots etc.). These settings are mirrored in the VirtualBox Manager window as well as the VBoxManage command line program; see Chapter 8, VBoxManage. In other words, a VM is also what you can see in its settings dialog.


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  13. For anyone that's struggling with the bootable medium part, what I did was that I downloaded an iso for windows 8.1. This took about 20 mins to download, and then afterwards, you can create a windows 8.1 new vm in virtualbox. After you do this, you hit the disc, run the iso file, and it should start up. What happened to me afterwards was that I needed a "product key" for windows. However, I was using a mac. I looked online at some sites, and after not too long, I found a windows 8.1 product key that worked. Just search up something along the lines "windows 8.1 product key iso" That should do it. Btw thanks a ton on this vid!!!

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  15. How to connect USB flash Drives "usb stick's" and USB CD/DVD ROMS, USB Apricorn 3.0? I have tired many times, to get this to work and every time I get a little white box with an error message. Saying that it Failed, I am running Virtualbox Version 5.2.6 r120293 (Qt5.6.3) I am also running mac os high sierra version 10.13.2 If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  16. Am not paying for an iso file.

    So shut ur shit m8

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  18. If you are getting the FATAL error then power off your virtual machine go to settings—->system—–>boot order and check optical, network and hard disk and then start the machine again.

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