iPhone OS 1 no longer support in macOS Big Sur 😂

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  1. This is very old my Friend.

  2. so 2015 macbook air support Big aur?

  3. 😂😂😂 well done Apple🍎

  4. Well I can’t find a 2g on iOS 1

  5. Amazing 2G ! It’s your new iPhone ?

  6. iPhoneOS1 cannot import the photos on M1 Macs.

  7. Lol, macOS be like which freaking version is this

  8. It is run on iOS 3.1.3 currently..not on its first version anymore..

  9. big sur said: This iPhone is too old😂

  10. Lol 😂. Once day your iPhone se 1 will also get unsupported in macOS 12. XD. Just kidding, bro. Don’t take seriously 😂

  11. Bro make videos of ipad too

  12. iOS 1.0.0 supported? 😀

  13. Try a 2007 mac, maybe it will work cause that iPhone is from 2007 so you get a 2007 mac.

  14. Amazing video
    Didn’t know it’s no longer support MacOS Big Sur
    Actually I thought it years ago unsupported