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  1. Jev is cool jev is life 😎


  3. There goes leafy

  4. I was dying laughing

  5. And it only got worse

  6. A tear was shed as that censorship came up

  7. Antho Mixed_Dawg_1999

    Just came from the G rated Jev video

  8. Who's here bc his other video

  9. Came after jevs new video

  10. ……fuck

  11. Who all came here from G RATED JEV

  12. Who else came from his new video???

  13. Who else came here from Jevs new video?

  14. Did anyone besides me come because his video today

  15. Well youtube is done for………

  16. still one of the #$&@+-_ funniest videos ever

  17. that intro, QUALITY man

  18. 1:26 ghost orb by left shoulder

  19. That intro though…

  20. I liked this the day it came out, come back for the laughs and its not liked…wtf

  21. anyone here from todays video?

  22. This  video is so "bleep"  funny

  23. whos here from jev's newest video?

  24. I'll lip read then

  25. Stream baby

  26. Mario&SonicGuy256

    I agree censored sounds funnier

  27. I cried laughing

  28. fuck 👌👌👌👌💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  29. for censored sake

  30. Constantinos Karellos-Gleoudis

    How many beeps in this vid?

  31. this channels shit now tbh

  32. Marshall D. Teach


  33. if you start bleeping shit out, then im unsubscribing you

  34. The middle part of your lip omg lmfao

  35. I read his lips and jev bleeped out a word that wasn't a curse word.

  36. You don't get strikes but your videos don't get ads

  37. So we cant talk about 9/11. Wow, fantastic.

  38. cring at the bleeping god dangit youtube

  39. Glenn and Tammy Jenkins

    this whole youtube thing makes know sence. 1 it is up to the parent of the family to say it is not ok for people that r younger than the age of 18… not youtube. 2 why make it like this half of the people that watch youtube will stop watching becuse of this stupped no cusing or swearing. and 3… some youtubets will quit… do you realy want that youtube… just thing before you do.