Jill Stein Censored on PBS NewsHour

Jill Stein Censored on PBS NewsHour

Update: I have been censored by Facebook

Jill Stein’s criticism of the TPP and Hillary Clinton was cut from the PBS Newshour August 23, 2016.

PBS cut out nearly two-thirds of Jill Steins answer to the last question!

The cut parts seem choppy because the quality of the livestream was terrible.

SEE FOR YOURSELF (all video sources embedded in article)

PBS’s edited Jill Stein Interview on YT:

PBS’s live-streamed Jill Stein Interview on FB:

*Facebook videos CAN show up in internet searches but PBS’s uncut livestream did not

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  2. The PBS Newhour — "Honest — Balanced — Trusted". (I'm quoting their opening titles with dripping irony and sarcasm.)

  3. The failure of the American educational system is more evident than ever. How much h dirt is on Clinton that non of trump's misdeeds were brought up. Typical Washington. Don't point a finger unless you want one pointed back at you

  4. Judy Garlin? It’s Judy Woodruff dumbass

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  6. Really ppl? I mean, really? Look at her lips and watch how her head jerks around ONLY IN THE "cut" scene and tell me it's not fake, I'll hold up a mirror and show you a fool.

  7. Jesus fucking christ! You ppl still believe this crap? No wonder America is considered to be so stupid by the other countries. THIS VIDEO IS FAKE! Very clearly fake, poor editing, choppy audio, obviously a hoax. This Matt Orfalea douche is gaining popularity by slandering something with fake news. You should go rot in a hole.

  8. Wow. How ironic. Matt Orfalea post a video complaining about censorship and then censors my comments about the video……how hypocritical

  9. This video is easily shared on facebook….. it being deleted is a lie too.

  10. I mean, come on, really ?! The lips and audio don't even sync up…… AT LEAST TRY PEOPLE! TRY!

  11. You are all idiots if you think this is real. ALL IDIOTS….. loosing faith in humanity.

  12. I'm here because of Jimmy Dore, good work dude!

  13. احمد & زينب

    hillary is a NEOCON SELLOUT!!!

    she is just as bad as trump, yet she says otherwise!!!


  14. oh, the huge manatee

    I reported a video, of a little boy being chased, taunted, punched and kicked in the head by a group of older bullies, to facebook. I filled in the form they provide – selected the reason that it shows graphic violence, from their options. And received a reply that facebook didn't believe it infringed on their "community standards".

    The video had gained thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

    When I screen-shot the reply and posted a separate report of the situation on my own page, facebook removed MY post.

    I'v left facebook, I don't want to be part of that "community".

  15. U go Jill….many are voting for you!

  16. Time to boycott ALL mainstream media, including PBS…see how long they last when "Viewers Like You" stop contributing to their funding.

  17. This is amazing!
    Thank you Matt!

  18. Marciano Demidof

    Things, that make you think…,hm! Shame on you pbs. Shame.

  19. I found out about this by watching your chat with Tiffany Ferguson. I was aware that CNN, MSNBC, and Fox do this sort of thing, but I was a little surprised to learn PBS was guilty of this as well. I went ahead and watched the censored version and saw where the cut was made. Good catch!

  20. I think that the media is totally biased and controlled by the Clinton except for independent media sources and fox news I guess. My concern with this video is that the parts that are marked as being censored by you looks choppy as if they have been manufactured. Her head keeps flickering only during the parts that are assumed to be the parts that were left out. Is it possible that they are fake? I support Jill Steins opinions and hope that this is real but it looks tampered with or manufactured .

  21. This video on the the Jimmy Dorn Show brought me here. Great work man keep it up. Just another blatant example of the corruption and control plotted against the people. Censoring the flow of information to manipulate and fool the ignorant.

  22. the "censored" sections are fake. the audio is spliced and the video is horribly edited. why are ppl not noticing this?

  23. Clearly, this means, PBS is no longer a public broadcasting service,
    But another democratic or republican, on of two flavours only, media channel.
    And should stop receiving public funds.

  24. Nice. I'm not a fan of hers but it's ridiculous that so many people in media (including Facebook, Twitter, and Google) want to shape your mind.

  25. You want to help Green Party get matching funds? Make sure you are registered to the Green Party. We need 5% of voters registered to the Green Party to insure matching funds ……. Thank You

  26. Benjamin Jameson

    Also, its worth mentioning that Judy Woodruff did address that the interview was only a segment and that the full interview could be found online on the pbs newshour website and facebook page.

  27. Benjamin Jameson

    I'm guessing they cut out all the shit she said about the TPP because she didn't have any evidence to back up the points she made. It sounded mostly like speculation. It doesn't seem appropriate to let somebody rattle off a bunch of accusations without being able to prove it.

  28. I'm so completely happy and content that big corporate money have such high ethical standards that they would never, but never, try to so much as attempt to influence the news media let alone censor anyone on The Free World from using their freedom of speach!
    This so much more magnanimous, admirable and impressive as they have systematically bought up and now own 99% of the news media! Well actualy the 0,1% own 90% of the world, I hear. But never mind! What restraint! What respect for the people's rights and welfare! Bravo, bravo!
    Wonder why they bought the media in the first place, though…

  29. Fuck PBS.

  30. Let Jill's voice be heard and fight for Open Debates!

  31. Thanks for giving us the full truth!! So, so sad that even PBS is now exhibiting news bias!

  32. Scary sensation… https://youtu.be/O6ayb02bwp0 …Shok… for you… repost

  33. Awesome coverage!

  34. Just run this on loop and she will win the election

  35. Token Asian Kowboy

    awesome work Matt. Thanks to you for your diligence 😄 saw it on RT's Redacted. now sharing your content

  36. Thanks for showing this, Matt. We can't even trust PBS anymore. Shame on PBS.

  37. face it; contemporary mainstream American journalism systematically dis-informs the public to the advantage of oligarchic agenda s that are killing off the middle class and enriching a tiny group at the top, in historically highly disproportionate levels. and also creating dangerous and destructive foreign policies.

  38. thank you

  39. Well, I just called PBS and let them know never to expect another donation from me.

  40. The Judy "Garland" malapropism was priceless! I don't think we are in Kansas anymore, Matt. Apparently Judy Woodruff is the new "man" behind the curtain… pay no attention to her.