KDE Plasma 5.23 (25th anniversary edition) – New Breeze theme, accent colors, and Wayland

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00:00 Intro
01:29 Desktop
05:58 System Settings
07:04 Wayland

The new theme had been long in the making. Everything has a more polished edge to it, less flat, with more gradients and shadows. The highlights and depth are more pronounced and the elements feel more” tactile”, like they’re ready to be interacted with and not just painted on a sheet of paper.

Scrollbars have been made a bit bigger to make them easier to interact with, there’s a new spinning gear when you’re waiting for something to happen, and when you open a widget that touches the panel’s edge, you’ll see a highlight effect as well. Widgets also will use a blurred background instead of being either opaque or transparent.

The right click menu now uses a nicer highlight for elements on hover, not just a solid color, which looks pretty good. Unfortunately, that style isn’t re-used in source views like Dolphin’s sidebar, or the system settings.

The changes also affect Breeze dark, and I feel they give this dark variant a lot more contrast and depth as well.

On top of that theme, KDE 5.23 introduces accent colors. You get a nice selection row in the colors tab, with predefined colors, but you can also use a color picker or set up your own.

The Kickoff menu has also received a lot of improvements. First, you can view apps in a grid or a list, in the favorites AND all categories of the menu. You can also pin the menu to the screen if you want to have it always up, in that case, pressing the super key will dismiss the menu.
You can also configure the power and session action buttons and decide to show the captions or not.

Now there are a lot of smaller desktop changes as well:

When a notification pops-up, you can use control + C to copy its contents to the clipboard, and this clipboard now remembers 20 items, and has an option to only keep what you explicitly copy and not keep the selected text that you could paste using the middle mouse click.

The Global menu is supposed to have a more menu like appearance, but I can’t say I found it looked very different, especially since the menu header doesn’t use the new highlight style from Breeze.

You can disable IPv6 in the connection settings if you want to, and plasma now shows you more information about the network you’re connected to, including the speed, and the audio volume applet will now differentiate between apps that are playing audio, and apps that are recording audio.

In terms of the system settings, there also have been a lot of smaller improvements.

The Feedback page now shows a history of what you chose to send, so you can know what you sent exactly. When changing your display settings, you’ll now get a timer to let you revert the changes if they don’t fit.

If you prefer only enabling bluetooth when you need it, you can change its default status on login.

On the Night Color page, you now get a small privacy warning, telling you that it uses geolocation using a 3rd party service.

The most important change, though, is in the search feature of the settings. They added a lot of keywords to make that search more useful.

Now, Discover, the app store for KDE is now faster to load. It will also show you the source you’ll use to install an application, directly in the install button.

As with every new release of Plasma, we also get improvements to Wayland support0
The system tray will tell you if something is recording the screen, and will let you cancel it if it’s undesired.

Touchpad gestures have been improved and are now 1:1, and support for integration between XWayland and wayland applications is much better, with support for the middle click paste and drag and drop between the 2.

Virtual desktops are now also remembered on a per-activity basis, just like on X.org, and the task manager and the mouse cursor will now show feedback when launching an application.

We have a rewritten “Present windows” effect, which feels smoother and looks a bit more polished, and the multi screen layouts are now kept betweeen X11 and Wayland sessions.

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  1. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: https://skl.sh/thelinuxexperiment10211

  2. Help me!I don t custom color (to create custom own custom accent colors) in final version?

  3. I think KDE Plasma 5 is at a level that makes it one of the best if not the best DE. It's so advanced and flexible and customizable that only thing to do is just polishing. No need to reinvent the wheel for a long time in my opinion. Just adapt Wayland. I use KDE DE for long time now and always been happy with it.

  4. Every release brings some welcome quality of life improvements and always in a consistent direction. The cumulative effect is something that's becoming an absolute pleasure to use.

  5. Can someone give me the theme name at 8:26

  6. The color accent option is a super awesome feature. Now that the awesome iconset Papirus now has a dozen different color variants, this comes in really handy. I really don't like the blue default accent and really like to try something different, but it was always to combersome to change it.
    Little feature with great result, that is what I like about KDE.

  7. The OS X scrollbars from the year 2000 look pretty passé to me. Overall I'd say the default look is about as bland as you can get.

  8. I hope there is a setting to disable the bouncing icon when u open an app

  9. When the sponsor bit starts, I exit. Have you ever considered moving the sponsor to the end?

  10. idk if this was mentioned or not, but THEY GOT RID OF THE DESKTOP CUBE EFFECTS! I'm sad….

    Apparently they may reimpliment it soon, but I feel like this needed to be pointed out.

  11. KDE is too complicated to use!

  12. I hated when flat icons came about. It made things harder to use like cell phones. I just never liked the look so any thing away from that look is great for me.

  13. KDE is the beast of DE

  14. i hope they fix frame lag ….KDE is too beautiful for lagging in FPS…unlike windows 11 and macos they never lag

  15. NEW Dark Plasma Theme, Transparent and Blur, "Bonny-Plasma": https://store.kde.org/p/1613724

    Icons "Bonny-Dark-Icons" : https://store.kde.org/p/1613717

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    The folders change color depending on the Color Scheme You Set

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    Wallpaper "KDE Desktop Wallpaper 2211 4K HD" by charlie-henson: https://www.pling.com/p/1544383

    You can see all of my Plasma Themes and Global Themes (Look and Feel) in one place:


    If you do not use the Kvantum Theme, For Blur look of the window, Kwin Scripts "Force Blur" , authored by ESJEON: https://store.kde.org/p/1294604/

  16. Still missing lots of features and softwares of 3 serie …

  17. I dislike, because you talk too much.

  18. will installing this slow down games when running POP os?

  19. "no exciting new features" good. Some of us hate change. This is the reason that my mother who's nearly 80 has XFCE. I want her to be able to learn something now (which she has) and not need to ever re-learn it.

  20. It would be nice if Plasma was more modular with its install. I'd rather have a core base install that I could build up .

  21. New KDE new settings, this is for me kind of a joke 😀😃🙂

  22. Being able to search for settings, with good results, is kind of huge! That's the part that stood out the most to me.

  23. it would be cool if it was kde plasma 5.25

  24. KDE: It can work however you like.

    Gnome: You work the way he wants to.

  25. Hi. I have a question. What linux distro use on your real PC?

  26. i really like Plasma i am using Kde Neon, for over 2 years now i don't think i will use a different distro for a long time.
    no distro hopping for me.
    one small question what's the best Open Source mail client app for android?
    i tried K9mail but couldn't log-in because i use 2 factor authentication.

  27. Shame KDE doesn’t work with Orca Screen Reader meaning nobody who’s blind has a hope of using this great piece of software.

  28. All I’m looking forward to perfectly round-cornered window with blur effect on

  29. This was great! Thank you!

  30. What distro are you using?

  31. KDE has already been super polished and customizable for a long time, so it really doesn't need more than incremental changes (which may sound like not much, but if you think about the amount of compatibility layers they have to account for in such a customizable environment, it really adds up).

  32. 10:17 I used to love that bouncy icon thingy back in my teens, it used to look so cool and futuristic. As the years went by, it started to feel kind of tacky and out of place. Nowadays, I find it has an undeniable charm, maybe it just feels nostalgic, I don't know, but I like it.

  33. Windows 11 is better!

  34. I think KDE is doing the right thing by making small changes and squashing bugs which makes working with plasma easier instead of overhauling the entire interface without adressing other issues. I like the plasma interface a lot and i really don't want any major changes to how it works, i do love these small changes which makes working with it easier.

  35. 0:00 What do you mean 'October'? The year has just begun!

  36. am i crazy or is windows 11 based on kde including that background u use in the computer in the back

  37. Discovered your channel recently and have really been enjoying your videos. Plasma and gaming, yes! Thank you!