Mac Fanboy Reviews Windows 11

Quinn of Snazzy Labs sits down at the new studio and takes a look at Microsoft’s best OS yet. Or… is it?

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After several years of Windows 10 and some expecting Microsoft would never release a new, numbered version of Windows, the new version 11 has arrived. And… well… not everyone is super happy with it. Despite being an Apple user and Mac fanboy from my first interactions with computers, the new Windows 11 is generally really great and I’m a big fan.


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  1. Keep going, Microsoft. Sometime in the future you’ll probably look as macOS… seriously: I don’t see many improvements in 11, other than cosmetic changes and a subtle trend to a Mac. Anyway, I’ll give it a try, after the first release shows all its bugs and they are patched out. Good review by the way, just some mistakes about already existing features. Thanks

  2. That beard 🔥💪💯

  3. I want my 30 seconds back. That as far as my stomach would allow.

  4. is it still square when we haven't install graphic driver ?

  5. Complete BS that microsoft is doing this to people. FT

  6. oh great theres yet another fucked up variation of windows. Honestly, I make every version since look like windows 7. Just more and more compulsory bloatware.

  7. 23:00 Speaking about animations for snapping. I still have them just fine on Windows 10. Running 21H1 too.. Also, Win Key + Shift + Arrow Keys will let you easily swap what monitor an app is on for multi-display systems.

  8. I miss dashboard for OS X

  9. Been a bit since I've seen your content Quinn, cool beard!

  10. I like the aesthetic changes in W11, but there are two missing features that for me really hurt productivity compared to W10. The first is that there's no groups or tabs or folders in the start menu for organising apps, whereas I can logically group stuff in W10. And the second is the loss of the 'do not combine' mode for the icons on the taskbar, I love that feature to quickly identify and switch between multiple instances of apps with one click. Without these features, the basic use of my computer is slowed down so, I'm hoping a future update will put these features back in. I'm sticking with W10 in the meantime because of this

  11. I wish that we could stow the Android apps like the way the widgets work.

  12. This guys an anomaly..he thinks Mac OS is less confusing than windows in settings & doesn’t use virtual desktops as a Mac user..

  13. Well, it has no support for my MBP and no support for putting the taskbar on the left, so it's a no go

  14. I love Windows 11, more than Windows 10.

  15. Thank you for not just dumping on 11! This is a really thoughtful review of the improvements.

  16. Windows 11 makes your AMD 5000 CPU run slower, YEAH!!!!!!

  17. I'm not a fan of w11 yet. For now it seems unnecessary and less than w10. With that out of the way, did you really presented differences, improvements? Like how is different video editor from w10 from video editor from w11? I'm asking because the one from w10 lack a lot of basic stuff. I barely have any clue about editing and just a few times playing around with videos i found it lackluster. I found Shotcut a better fit for stuff like splitting and merging videos or changing resolution or coding format of videos. Not to mention that i encountered a few instances were video editor couldn't read certain formats. And is also pretty messy saving stuff in various places that you may miss. Overall is pretty lame if even a total editing noob like me can't be satisfied with it.

  18. WINDOWS 11 HAS ANIMATIONS?! Fuck it im upgrading

  19. Widgets are the bane of my existence. To me they are a useless POS that need to be purged and take up too many system resources.

  20. Looks kind of Linux like to me.

  21. Weird that they partnered with Pringles on that wallpaper, but I guess they’ve gotta make money somehow

  22. did they just literally steal every gui feature of linux ?

  23. At the time of my post, 800 Mac fans down voted this video primarily because it didn't completely crap on W11.

  24. Fluidity and speed of the OS? Wow, this guy is clueless. Windows 11 is slow as dog. And ugly as snot. Sorry snazz, I've now unsubscribed from you channel.

  25. Wtf are you talking about, photo viewer in Windows was really good not like this trash on MacOS. E.g while open one image you can't jump to another one. Unless you select more and then open app. Utterly trashy

  26. Linux has had a lot of that for years.
    Windows 11 just copies what is already out there



  28. TLDR: Windows 11 is 1 step forward, 4 steps backwards.

    The animations are pure garbage from a functionality viewpoint. Try opening for example something in the settings menu and inmediatelly use the scrollwheel, it just doesn't responds till the animation is done (and a bit afterwards), and it makes it feel really clunky.

    With the settings menu they have improved in the amount of things you can change from it, but again, theres another UI problem that really screws with usability.
    For example, in the security an privacy tab (that you wanna go in and turn most of it off after installing win 10 or 11), in windows 11, after changing any of the settings there, you have to go back to go into another submenu inside that category and to the top of it, so you have to scroll down again. When in windows 10 you had every subcategory in a separate menu at the left, wich made you not have to go back every time you wanted to change anything inside the same category.
    And this specially jarring in the security and privacy tab.

    The settings menu at the bottom left corner already existed in windows 10 under notifications, with the same functionality. And i think merging the sound volume with that menu is a huge mistake, since you are way more likely to change volume than any of the other settings. Also not having a numerical number on the volume is another step back in functionality.

    The taskbar is a HUGE step backwards, you can't drag anything into another open program, wich removes a lot of functionality, for example now you can't move bowser tabs from one window to another when the other is minimized, you can't drag and drop files or images into programs that are minimized, etc etc.
    Also, relevating the progress bar to a tiny bar below the icon is pretty useless, specially with how well using the entire tile as a progress bar worked in windows 10.

    With the start menu, you can't even remove the recommended part of the menu, you can make it empty, but you can't remove that empty space.
    Meanwhile the all apps gets relegated to a tiny button.
    I get that the search functionality has been vastly improved (wich is a really good thing), but come on, we already have a button and menu specially made for search.
    Also, not a fan of the search bar being on top, it's way further way wich means, more moving the mouse / eyes.

    The multiple desktops thing is a thing in Windows 10 since long long time ago. You just have to Win + tab. I think you can add a button like in win 11, but i'm not 100% sure about that.

    The Mic icon (and functionality) is also already a thing in Windows 10. 🙂

    And yea, the corner for resizing not being where the corner actually is, is extremely frustrating. And it's ironic that it didn't happen on Windows Vista or 7.

    Also….. 5-15% perfromance drop for Ryzen processors, because they spent all their time making the scheduler to work with the Big / little core design for Intel, is a no-go.
    And they increased the loss in performance with a patch that supposedly fixed it.
    Wonder if that will still be unfixed by the time the new Intel processors launch and it's reviews time. Mmmmhhh…

    And there are a lot of things the interface moved around that just takes longer or more clics to do, and that adds up. That is, if the functionality you are looking for hasn't been cut down…

  29. Damm..this is realy a DeskTOP PC…standing ontop of your desk 🙂

  30. Join us…..come over to the Darkside…leave the light; reject the Mac…embrace the Darkness.

  31. Honestly, I hate teams. My school had to use it instead of the solution they had before, and it’s so buggy, illogical and time wasting. Idk how it’ll become a number one solution for school and company. Definitely not reliable

  32. Only after hearng your experience, did I recognize that many things like the slimmer scroll bar, and smoother scrolling have been in Windows 10 as well (and rounded corners in Windows 7, for instance), they've just been dialed up to 11. It looks like they finally polished these additions. Looking at the speed Microsoft is going with their OS' really feels like there's a Valve-sized team working on them. After having heard nothing but bad things about W11's performance, not only Ryzen being broken but rightklick taking short while to open up the context menu and submenus taking their time too to open, this makes me consider upgrading for the first time.

    Definitely want what you described at 10:45. That'd be awesome.

  33. You totally omitted the controversial parts. Why? Are you paid by Microsoft? I never heard people complaining about the obvious improvements you are talking about. How about the forced internet connection and the forced Microsoft account? Artificially inflated system requirements? Locked down core OS via TPM and secure boot? Are you really surprised people are mad about these things?

  34. Windows users on Mac: Silly windows can do that too. Macs suck. Apple sucks.
    Microsoft literally copies MacOS UI and features that have been around for forever: Ahhh yes what a refined experience, Apple could never.
    Saying Windows users don't understand what macOS has more to offer but as long as microsoft sells them the same stuff it's suddenly good.
    Some just wanna love microsoft for the sake of it.

  35. use linux, its better than both
    if ur complaining about the animations, you can change those
    if ur complaining about the color scheme, you can change that
    its 100% customizable

  36. mac bitch boy i agree with you

  37. did you try out window layouts? when you hold your mouse on top of the maximize button on any window.

  38. Hello,
    my first PC(=1998)had Windows 98 the next Windows XP I was not happy with both Windows versions.
    2006 I bought my first Mac,it was one of the early white MacBooks and after that I bought a couple of Macs and used Mac OS X until 2016.
    After this I used Windows 10 and a PC again,2019 I bought a new Laptop with Windows 10,on it now for a couple of months runs Windows 11 and I very like it,I like it much more than Windows 10…

  39. You said it… it needs more time in the oven. Duh. I have no idea how Microsoft even thought that it was ready for prime time. Maybe another two months of work would have made it ready.