MAC OS 10.9 Maverick running on Custom Build PC: Biostar G41-m7 with E8400 Core 2 Duo

Disclaimer: Boring Video.
For testing purposes, it is possible to install Mac OS 10.9 Maverick on a custom build computer running the following specs:
Motherboard: Biostar G41-m7
CPU: E8400 Core 2 Duo running at 3ghz
RAM: 4gb of 666mhz ddr2 ram
Video: MSI Geforce 210 – 512mb (Automatically installed)
Sound: Audigy 4 PCI Sound Card. Needed to install kxproject drivers (
Webcam: Microsoft Lifecam Cinema 720p webcam (automatically installed)
Ethernet: Installed onboard ethernet Realtek RTL8102EL using RTGMac_v2.0.6 driver
Wireless: WiBee wireless N usb adapter – RTL8188SU driver downloaded from Realtek’s website ( – MAC OSX 10.8 Install Package

The OS was installed onto a 2.5″ 160gb notebook SATA hard drive.

NOTE: Onboard video and sound did not work.


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  1. When i try to boot from usb it kernel panics

  2. How to create bootbale usb or DVD to install on physical system, Thank you,

  3. intel(r) g41 express chipset integrated?

  4. How Can I install
    my Computer
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHZ
    4GB DDR2 Ram
    160GB Hard Disk
    GT430 1GB DDR3

  5. can i put an q9550 on this mobo!?

  6. I guess my question is how would you get Mac OSX 10.8 installed?

  7. Hey Ricky, the GT 440 can run on this motherboard, but in terms of compatibility for the 10.9 OS X operating system, I've read there are driver issues.  You may need to install the latest nvidia driver's to fix any video issues or run at bootup
       flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes

    Good luck.  I'm having trouble with video also with my GT 210 video card.  I haven't tried my hackintosh in awhile… I've been working on other projects.

  8. hy,this motherboard support video card gt440

  9. Hey, any pointers on how to do a mavericks install on this motherboard? Bios settings and install method would be helpful. Been trying to install with MyHacks with no luck.  I'm on a newer bios version than you but don't think that is it.