Mac OS – Maya Config Installation

Installation guide for Maya Config on Mac Operating System (Catalina)

Maya Config Pro is here!
Get it at:

– Includes: Mesh Smooth Preview | Live-Like Symmetry | Hotkey Equivalence Addon | 5 Pre-Made Materials | Hotkey Cheat Sheet | Side Panel Pro | Shelf | And much more!

Maya Config Addon is available at:

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  1. Quick question, when opening edit > Blender Preferences > Keymap I can't get inside the blender app to install the fa_hotkeys, it doesn't display as a folder like yours, how are you doing that?

  2. Hola. A partir de Maya 2020, FCheck ya no es compatible con macOS. Y me dicen que se puede seleccionar un visor de imágenes predeterminado diferente en las preferencias de Aplicaciones. Sabes que visor de imágenes es compatible con mac que funcione en Maya? Porque al no tener eso no me deja abrir imagenes de referencia en Maya 🙁

  3. how can i download maya for free ?

  4. Is this only for "MAYA Config Pro"?