Mac OS X El Capitan DiskUtil Partitioning

Have you upgraded to Mac OS X El Capitan? Notice anything different about Disk Utility? Ya, it looks prettier, but it has some issues. Especially with partitioning space. I miss the old version!

In this WiBisode Kevin will show you how you can use the diskutil command line utility to allocate currently unallocated portions of your existing Mac OS X operating system disk partition so it can be used immediately!

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  1. Have you ever heard of editing? Perhaps you should also script so there is less gabble.

  2. Do you have an update for this video. Cause your screen keeps going black & hard to follow?

  3. I’ve gone numb, your voice is killing me. stop jumping all over the place

  4. Yeah that fix did not work for me, as the drive was erased and I cannot get the hard drive to partition with El Capitan. I have a bootable USB drive, but I installed and had some start up issues and now it says it cannot reinstate El Capitan. My terminal does not have the same starter codes.???

  5. Hello,after I follow you're step's it's giving to me Error -5341 and it's saying,,Media kit reports partition (map) to small" you know why? Thank you

  6. Man! get to the point I'm here to fix a problem not here your life story!

  7. i'm trying to increase the size of the primary partition so I don't the startup disk full warning

  8. what is the command to merge two partitions to increase space on the primary partition?

  9. why does google allow videos like this? unbelievable.

  10. this is what happends to me
    Unable to resize because file system volume format does not support resizing

  11. Talk a lot say very little…

  12. Better not to watch this video to save lives. Waste of time.

  13. Hello (: can I ask what I can do, when that does´t work and it shows me "Volume format does not support resizing"? Maybe you can help me, it would be very nice

  14. you save my fucking life thank you man

  15. OMG, just tell me how to partition!

  16. Do you have ADD? LOL.. So basically you can't use Disk Utility either.. thank you

  17. Talk to much I quit at 3.31" and so relief i did it! Wow that was stressful. But thanks for your time.

  18. Do you live alone? Do you have a cat? My God you talk too much. Got something to share? Get to it… I gave up after you hit the half way point in the video. I'm 75 and don't have too much time left. i need someone to help me with my partition.

  19. Yeah, get to the point. Lots of talking. By the way, I am looking in El Capitan 10.11.6 and I am seeing a dragable circle handles on the partition pie graph. It appears that since this video was made, the problem has been fixed. No need for accessing the terminal. Correct me if I am wrong.

  20. The X in OS X should be read as 'Ten'

  21. how do you make the ssd back in a single partition??

  22. SHUT UP, bla bla bla bla bla on and on, for 90% of the video , anoying

  23. guys what happens to the unallocated space if I delete a partition on windows. I have 2TB hard disk, 2 partitions (1.48TB and 70GB respectively). I'm missing 400GB of data space and El Capitan Bootcamp isn't showing it. WTF? Anyone knows how to make it show up in the pie chart?

  24. Still getting error. Demands whole disk repair. Error code 5341.

  25. bla bla bla–get to the point!