macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta Running on Unsupported Macs

In this video, I demonstrate macOS 10.14 (Mojave) Public Beta running on various unsupported Macs. As of now, Mojave works almost perfectly on most recently dropped machines, but does have a few minor issues. The main issue at this point is the lack of graphics acceleration on machines with pre-Metal AMD/ATI video cards, but hopefully a solution will be found in the future. Pre-Metal Intel HD Graphics and nVidia GPUs work pretty much perfectly, though. If you’d like to give it a try for testing on your machine, you can download and run my Mojave Patcher tool found here:

Please note that it is recommended that you run Mojave on these machine for testing only, and not as your main OS. Do not expect everything to work perfectly at this time.


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  1. Can you make it for MacBook 4,1 please🥺

  2. I used this tutorial and it works really good but I have an issue. All of my pictures and videos look like negatives black and purple. What can I do to fix it?

  3. Hello, could any person recoomend me how to let the brightness work after installing the patchers? everything work except the brightness. any recommendation?

  4. need big sur patcher plz

  5. when downloading with the patcher getting error that this machine is no supported any help thanks.

  6. can someone please help out with a patch dmg installer for unsupported macs thnks.

  7. my 2008 machine say mojave is not supported on this machine so the installer wont boot any help thanks.

  8. I can't download the Mojave app file, why? Display as shown in the link I use Macbook Pro mid 2010. I already use mojave patcher. help please .please help.

  9. I followed your instructions and succeeded in installing Mojave on my MyBook Pro 17" Early 2008. It was fine for a while. I often leave the computer on, and reboot occasionally. At the beginning, I did reboot a few times with success, but now I cannot reboot in Mojave. The screen is stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar, which eventually gets to the end, but that is it. I have redone the post install process thinking it would help, but no. Fortunately, I had partitioned my drive keeping El Capitan on one partition and Mojave on a new one. I have even tried reinstalling Mojave without wiping the partition first. I just wanted your input on what else I could try.

  10. I natively support Mojave and Catalina with Late 2012 Mac Mini

  11. Watching this about a year and a half later, I remember when this video came out (did it on a early '08 iMac I believe.) and now here I am, watching this video from an Early 2008 MBP (Pre-unibody) with 10.14.6 Mojave, no bugs, no glitches, everything just works perfectly. I upgraded it to 3GB RAM and an SSD and this machine feels brand new. Really quite amazing for a machine that's 11.25 years old!

  12. Do you know of any way to flash a RX 580 for a boot screen on a mac pro 5,1?

  13. Hi man I’m haven a problem getting this to work on a Macbook 2008 keep getting an error message saying “An error occurred while restoring to the base system image to the target volume”

  14. I have to thank you.
    My MacBook 2008 5,1 runs with Mojave very well.
    But i had to lie a little bit.
    The Installation doesn't work with vote on 5,1. I checkt every step again and again. But it doesn't Run.
    Then i vote 5,2 as my MacBook and the Installation works.
    Don't know why, but about this Mac shows 5,1 after Installation.
    So what. It runs and after some days i can't find any complication.
    Thank you very much, Dosdude1.

  15. Hi dosdude1! Brilliant work through the years (I'm a new fan). I have a 5,1 Mac Pro running High Sierra on an SSD. It was a cheap SSD so I bought a better M.2 SSD with a PCIe adapter to use as my system drive. I'm now learning that the firmware does not allow this.

    I can't run the Mojave or Catalina installer or patch (I don't think) because I have a Radeon 5770 card, which is not Metal. ALL I want to do is somehow update the bootROM so I can use the M.2 SSD as my system drive. What would you recommend I do? Thanks in advance!

  16. Okay but I need steps how to install it.

  17. Eliminated my Bluetooth completely from my MacBook Pro 09. Tried everything to get it back but did not work

  18. Thanks my Mac Book Pro late 2011 is running mojave will be updating to macOS Catalina soon🤘🏻

  19. how to control the brightness of an imac 9.1 with monjave?

  20. Has anyone got a1229 model working?

  21. Now its time for Catalina

  22. Good day all. I have been running this Mojave on my 2011 iMac for 7 months or so without a hitch. However after the last update / patch it is stuck on 100% on boot and goes no further. I have tried the usual boot options and fixes but it still fails. For now i have installed Lion on another drive and thats my boot drive but i want to try and repair my original drive as it has everything on there. Any ideas please ? Thank you

  23. My iMac keeps having a kernel panic
    Late 2009 21.5” iMac keeps restarting
    Edit : it restarts when I open a finder window sometimes

  24. Instalé Mojave en un MacBook aluminium 13 late 2008 y funciona completamente me gustaría que hicieras algo para que el boot sea completamente negro cuando inicia como en el original ojalá leas mi comentario eres un genio de aquellos que y no existen ojalá sigas en esto y nos ayudes a mantener nuestros buenos MacBook activos con la próxima actualización de OS

  25. Hey man,
    love your patcher tool for mojave and i have just installed on my 17 2009 macbook pro and very smooth but do you think you could find a fix to gpu switching
    because i just get stuck on a black screen when ever i try to switch gpu on energy saver and i even tried gfxcard status like you did in the video and it didn't work
    do you think you could find or make an update fixing this?

  26. This screwed with my Mac and caused it to go kuput and now high Sierra is unsupported sadly my Mac could have installed it if it was 1 year ahead

  27. It doesnr work on my white unibody mid 2010 (a1342) i downloaded the patcher, dowloaded Mojave with the built in funxtion of the patcher, installed it to usb drive, and when booting to the installer, set harddrive etc it freezed @ less them 1 minute remaining 🙁 tryed seceral times, changed memomy/hdd but it keeps freezing everytime 🙁 can u please help?

  28. Eyup lads, the Mojave Patcher not working anymore. i tried on macbook pro early 2011.

  29. I used mirror install instead of direct
    Is there gonna be any problem

  30. Hi Colleen Thank you for your kind sharing of your patch tool. I am able to upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave on my small collection of unsupported vintage MacBook 6,1 ; MacBook 7,1; MacBook Pro 7,1 and MacBook Pro 8,1 and MacPro 4,1 firmware upgraded 5,1 with unsupported Apple ATI Radeon HD5770. ✌️😊

  31. My early MacBook pro 2011 17” doesn’t start up after restarting:( it goes to white screen, any solution, thanks

  32. Hi, Anyone have this version dmg(beta)? i has able to install once the beta of mojave, but then i tried to install the update and days after that doesn’t work anymore.
    I tried to install with the new dmg and don’t work, appears the stop symbol and is unable to install

  33. Will this work for a mid 2007 imac with el capitan os

  34. 10.14 works fine on my MacBookPro5.1 (late 2008). Now i'll try 10.14.2

  35. Will work on a Mid 2010 MBP 13" ? Core 2 Duo With 8GB RAM 480SSD. My fear is because the WifiCard, iSight Cam and Multigesture touchpad. Anyone updated the same model as mine ?

  36. what I am looking fore is a way to install this os on a g4 for g5 system if I have to use a older version I am fine with that but need it to be as new as possible in order to download firefox

  37. i am beginning to wonder whether this is such a great piece of software after all? It does install and run without a hitch but it SEEMS it can only be used for experimental purposes because updating warns users that it will ERASE the drive. Every time!

    There are no instructions for in-place updates. So every time Apple releases an update, users will have to back up and restore all data and re-install all software. Microsoft Office re-installation may involve an hour long call to their registration support and if anyone has installed anything on a pre-2012 computer made by Adobe, whose support is legendarily the worst in the business, GOOD LUCK! And if you have done any complex configuration of the OS, do we have to fuggedabahditt?

  38. Hi is het possible to upgrade from Mojave 10.14.1 to Mojave 10.14.2? or must we wait for a patch tool 10.14.2?

  39. I have found the DVD app shows a black screen on playback of discs when installed on a 2009-10 MacBook Pro?

  40. Hey I would like to uninstall MacOS Mojave? The reasons to it is that opening apps like launchpad and even on safari it’s really slow and annoying and even on you tube. I would like to uninstall? Any ideas?

  41. or witch mack has benn dropped

  42. how can u tell witch mack is supported and witch ones are not

  43. Your patch is fabulous, as I have commented elsewhere but how do we UPDATE Mojave beta 10.14 to 10.14.1 or 2?

    I installed off the beta download and everything works fine until I get to updating. Update recognizes what is going on and offers to download/update: Then the OS seems to recognize that Mojave shouldn't be on a SATA drive and won't let me install the downloaded OS update onto the (greyed out) drive..

  44. what about a Macbook Air mid 2011?

  45. My question is can you download Fortnite on it

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