macOS 11 Big Sur Public Beta Installation Sensation – Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

macOS 11 Big Sur has entered public beta! Are the design issues and bugs fixed? Let’s find out as Krazy Ken does a first-time install of the updated OS!

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Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures – macOS 11 Big Sur Public Beta Installation Sensation

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  1. Enjoy the new Installation Sensation! I upload new tech videos every week, so feel free to 🔔 subscribe so you don't miss them. I can't believe I made 3 this week. I need a vacation.
    P.S. closed captions are now available!

  2. i remember when this video came out, time has gone so fast

  3. What is a "Ghostbusters Symbol"?

  4. I think Big Sur means "Big South"

  5. 6:30 me shutting down/restarting my computer

  6. Google translate said SUR meant Sure?😶

  7. 9:27 – You should’ve clicked Antarctica!

  8. Why did we not get macOS 11 in 2006 !?

  9. Microsoft called. They want Windows 8 back.

  10. lol he knows spanish 10:58
    PD:numero uno is nimber one in english

  11. I keep getting the “the requested version of macOS is not available” message

  12. It's just like pop os…

  13. The should've called macOS Yosemite 11

  14. I hate this guy’s face

  15. big sur is big south in spanish

  16. Looks similar to Linux 😅

  17. half of the video was for ads and installation😒

  18. Install macos Mojave now because the bong is now default on Mac OS Mojave 🙂

  19. That happened on my brother's MacBook pro early 2015 too 9:00

  20. I love that camera trick so I hit subscribed button

  21. Notifictions in ipad: on top
    Widgets in ipad: left
    Noticications and Widgets on Mac: right

  22. *It’s my daily driver* not anymore

  23. What about skipping the whole struggle and not interesting installing section?

  24. My computer was already screaming in agony when updating or BETTER downgrating to catalina so my mac is now useless.

  25. Can i instal big sur on macbook pro 2011 i7 2.0

  26. If i do this, i will lost all my data?

  27. Wish I could get it to install on my iMac, but it won’t go on to the main drive, just wants to go to one of my externals.