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  1. I just got my MacBook. I love how it looks down when i type in the password and then if it’s wrong/wrong fingerprint, it gets sad🤣🥺

  2. The memoji is animating on login screen when log off the user; but NOT animating on login screen when rebooting. Any idea to fix this?

  3. Wtf. I never knew that. 😂 this is so cool. Every time I type in my password, my Memoji looks down. 🤣 this is hilarious. Thanks for the video!

  4. My child: Wow! this memoji is amazing!👏🏻

  5. why are u hiding ur serial number HAHAHAH

  6. Thank you very much! for your assistance 😊❤️

  7. For some reason my doesn’t move at all.

  8. How do I get a black background for my memoji?

  9. Thanks! I had done it ages ago, and it became distorted, and then I was going to the wrong place to redo it. My frustrations are resolved!

  10. My memoji don’t move😕

  11. Thank you so much for this tutorial! 👩🏽‍🏫

  12. thank you i love having my memoji as my profile pic XD

  13. My memoji is not animating 😞🙂

  14. Se puede sincronizar el Memoji el iPhone a la Macbook ? para no crear otro..

  15. my memoji just keeps laughing at me 🙁

  16. My memoji does not animate 🙁

  17. Its not working for me, I tapped on it like others said, also tried changing the pose then trying it as default even created a new one but its not working

  18. can i use this on the m1 mac mini

  19. Thank you! Very clear and concise video for a fun trick.

  20. i just update to macos monterey 12.0.1 but why my emoji can't move like yours???

  21. thank you.
    I was wondering how my friend had her Memoji on her MacBook.

    any idea instead of creating the Memoji again, can I synchronise my creation from my iPhone?

  22. Can it be done on the iPad too? ;(

  23. Sir eak cam video baniye

  24. any idea how to do this on windows with secure softwares 😂😂??

  25. Hello bruh if you don't mind can you do ubuntu and driver installation for Tuf A15 FA506IH ?
    I tried and I failed… Can you accept my following request on instagram so that I can dm you? praveenkns is my name