macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Final Installation Failed Download Problem! – SERVER OUTAGE ISSUE!

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Final is LIVE! The only problem? You can’t download the full installer due to an Apple Server issue! I will go over the issue and show you a workaround to get you on macOS Big Sur final until Apple fixes the issue.

UPDATE 11/17/20 – If you are still having the download issue even Apple fixed the issue, take a look at my UPDATE VIDEO that will show you a quick work around!

UPDATE 11/12/20 – The download issues look to be cleared up now! Let the Big Sur Downloads continue!!!!

Trying to download macOS Big Sur getting download error.

Installation failed
An error occurred while installing the selected updates.

Mac App Store macOS Big Sur Download error problem.

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 (20B29) Final Article

macOS Mojave and Catalina Big Sur download problem
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden
Could not replicate Command ‘[u’/usr/bin/curl’, u’-fL’, u’–create-dirs’, u’-o’, u’./content/downloads/50/49/001-79699-A_93OMDU5KFG/dkjnjkq9eax1n2wpf8rik5agns2z43ikqu/InstallAssistant.pkg’, u’–compressed’, ‘ returned non-zero exit status 22

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  1. UPDATE #3 11/17/20 – I've heard you loud and clear, some of you are still having download issues even after Apple fixed the download issue!. I just released a new video with a workaround to get the download.

  2. OMG I really appreciate the work of @flexible_tech on Instagram he just help me fix my computer… Will recommend you to him over and over again. Thank me later 🥰


  4. Why my update from macos 11 to os 11.0.1 taking so long and so slow (my internet speed it 100mbps)

  5. Is there a solution for bricked Macs? Actually. ^^

  6. Still having the same error “Installation Failed” after downloading 12.18gb worth of update. It’s so frustrating.

  7. I recently brought my 2019 15-Inch MacBook Pro to the Apple Store, attempting to resolve this specific issue. The only option they gave me for repair was to send it off-site for a factory reset and battery replacement, which would take 7-10 days. I can't go 7-10 days without my computer at the moment, so I will be waiting until the holidays when I have time to go without my computer. If I get any further information on this I will edit this comment and add updates.

  8. Mine downloaded successfully and after the boot, it says ‘an error occurred when preparing the software update’. Also i am not able to choose a startup disk, it is loading but nothing is appearing so i cannot choose anything. I am only left with ‘target disk mode’. I totally cant use my laptop right now, please help if you have the same issue. 🙁

  9. mine downloads and. when it comes to install it says failed to download MacBook Pro 2019

    And subscribe to my channel x

  10. it has downloaded now seems to be all smooth going 👍

  11. Glad I'm not the only one as I've tried too download this new spade twice and failed and noticed that i've lost some storage space for no reason.

  12. Installed but stuck on loading screen.

  13. Hello! How can I delete Big Sur files?

  14. I had the same issue, solved it by making a space in my storage. If upgrading from macOS Sierra or later, macOS Big Sur requires 35.5GB of available storage to upgrade. If upgrading from an earlier release, macOS Big Sur requires up to 44.5GB of available storage.
    you don't have to follow what he is saying!!

  15. Had a lot of problems downloading big sur on my iMac, it disabled my mouse making it impossible to choose options in recovery mode. 4 hours of being transferred from genius to genius left me no further forward.

    To fix this, I reset the apple mouse by turning it off and holding down the right click button. Then turning it back on after resetting the iMac on recovery mode from the internet (command + option + r). My mouse worked allowing me to choose a disk to reinstall my old OS that I was changing from Toni stall big sur.

    Hope this helps someone who is about to spend a whole day watching YouTube and reading forums looking for answers.

  16. it goes right up to 12.18GB then fails done this 3 times

  17. This is so scary man.. black screen neon green letters.. incase if I do some wrong bullshit I am fucked.. doesn't matter I have time will wait..

  18. I got catalina 10.15.7 on my MBA 2019 and when i started to updated it, everything is fine until it was showed 12.18 GB of 12.18 GB. 
    And then suddenly it showed notification that wroted —

    (The package "%@" is missing or invalid.)
    An error occurred while installing the selected updates.

    And everything is back from the beginning.

    Anyone feel the same? any help would be appreciated.

  19. I downloaded Mac Os Big Sur, but then, I‘ve noticed that my fans were making way too much noise, more than usual. I just opened youtube on Safari , and they were running super loud… :/

  20. mine say bad gateway pls help

  21. Downloading this made my Mac uninstall my hard drive. I don’t know how to get it back!

  22. My loading screen don't running it Takes long time? it's Already 3 Hour

    Macbook Air 2014

  23. Downloaded and worked for me no problems ( yesterday about an hour after announcement) It was also pretty fast compared to ealrier ones and installed without issue. Macbook Air.

  24. How do I regain the space it took from my hard drive? Will it come back once I try again? It failed once for tonight so I will not be trying again.

  25. This copy of the install macOS Big Sur is damaged, and can't be used to install macOS.

    what is this issue?
    i cleaned my ssd and trying to install using flash drive.
    I tried changing date through terminal.
    any solution?

  26. I can’t install the macOS Big Sur ….I was in majova b4

  27. Another problem I noticed (I am still on Mac OS X Catalina) – an update notification for Garageband. When I look at the details, it says it will only run on Mac OS XI Big Sur. I can't understand why that update has been notified to me while I am still on Mac OS X Catalina. Seems real weird to me.

  28. I still CANNOT download the big sur omg I have gone crazy

  29. Hey guys for all of you experiencing this issue, enable secure boot, it solved it for me.

  30. I LOST THREE HOURS TO UPDATE TO THIS ‘’ BIG SUR’’ DISASTER ! I’m back to windows guys ! Let me stay free from this Apple super overcharged items garbage !

  31. You got it right last night and was the first one to announce the resolution of the problem right away!

  32. I’m surprised more Tech channels are not discussing this issue. 😱

  33. I've downloaded 12gb but fail at 12.18 gb. WTF Apple!

  34. It has occupied 11 Gb space but not installed. How to cleanup Big Sur files???

  35. I’m installing as we speak but I’m on the full black screen with the bar loading and it’s literally just stuck, the bar is basically at the end and it’s just stuck it’s been like this for a while now

  36. I've been stuck at 12.18GB for > 40 minutes now. Is it normal? Anyone else has this issue?

  37. Catalina got to 12.18 GB and stuck. Tried a few times. Wtf.

  38. I keep getting an error when installing. Everything downloads fine and it gets to about 15 minutes left on the Apple Logo screen fails. Booting into safe mode doesn’t help. This even happened before when trying to install the beta. I had to do a clean install multiple times. I’m tech savvy and frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

  39. My mbp is on RC2, I can not receive the update even though i unenroll the public bata.Am i alone? How can I solve this problem.

  40. They disabled many people mac’s. Safari didn’t worked, accounts didn’t worked, apple software didn’t worked. This is something to think about for the future

  41. Mine has completely downloaded but nothing is happening.

  42. Apparently the latest Catalina update has processes that take a long time so it slows down the system and causes the Big Sur download error. However, when these processes are finished (3 hours in my case) the system flows and the error is solved allowing the download of Big Sur. It's just waiting.

  43. Anyone know if I can download it without installing it? I want to install it on a separate volume but my only choice is to use the system preference software update. Anyone know if it will then ask me to install and I could choose which disk to install in? Tks

  44. Downloading now over fiber optic 300, now stalled at 96.8MB "About an hour"…

  45. I had hoped that Apple were finally getting their act together, but this is a new level of dumb, even for them. It doesn't exactly bode well for the new operating system, when they can't even provide a working installer.

  46. I am downloading it now. It's pretty fast. I think it got fixed 10s ago lol