macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Release Candidate #2 (RC2) is Out Now! – What's New?

Apple today seeded a second macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 release candidate to developers for testing purposes, with the new RC coming one week after the first macOS Big Sur RC was released.

The ‌macOS Big Sur‌ beta can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center and once the appropriate profile is installed, subsequent betas will be available through the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences.

‌macOS Big Sur‌ introduces a refreshed design to the Mac operating system, overhauling the entire look from the curvature of the window corners to the dock icons to the system sounds. Everything features a lighter and more modern appearance. There’s a new customizable Control Center that mirrors the Control Center on iOS devices, putting key system controls right at your fingertips.

++ Time stamps ++
00:00 – introduction
00:37 – update size & software changes
02:26 – new features and changes
05:07 – bugs and issues
05:32 – battery performance
06:13 – device speed & Geekbench 5 performance scores
09:19 – Apple silicon M1 chip & Devices
10:09 – conclusion and a big thanks

Gear I use:
Camera with lens :
Camera body only :
Lens Only :
iPhone x :
Mouse Mx Master 2s :
Memory Card:
USb Hub for Macbook:

Here’s the full list of macOS 11 Big Sur compatible Macs:
2015 and later MacBook
2013 and later MacBook Air
2013 and later MacBook Pro
2014 and later Mac mini
2014 and later iMac
2017 and later iMac Pro
2013 and later Mac Pro

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  1. anyone have issues with this big sur? Because i have BIG lag and fan working like crazy most times.. Im not one there?
    MacBook Pro 13 2016 3.1ghz i5 16gb ram

  2. Apple spying on you now M1 was such a marvel, but now it also spies on you, no exception. M1 & BigSur not so wonderful now.

  3. Yo, Half Man Half Tech (Video_53) 🙂

  4. After I installed macOS Big Sur, Spotlight had to be indexed. That could be causing lower Geekbench scores.

  5. 16gb! Mine only took up 3gb.

  6. installation failed An error occurred while installing the selected updates. ERROR HELP to fix this please

  7. How do I upgrade from Mac Os Catalina 10.15.5 to Big Sur ?

  8. Am I the only one who heard him said something about husband? lol 😂

  9. How is RC2 working out for ya thus far?

  10. Wow look at you you're going to get 5k in no time!!!!!! 👍🙋

  11. Did u notice that in the latest WWDC, in the beginning when the camera was going down the walls where changing colors and the colors where based off of the retro apple logo. Apparently im not the only one who noticed that.

  12. Mate, can you recommend clean upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur on Air 2017?

  13. I wanted to ask you if your blue stacks is opening or not??

  14. Good content, clear message, edited well.

  15. Battery health is not showing procreant anymore, just condition on the battery

  16. Hopefully they fix the iMessage bug when you're trying to share something and it blocks the popup window to send.. Also I have a hard time connecting my AirPods pros from my phone to Mac its so annoying and lastly when watching a video on twitter sometimes its hard to exist out of the window

  17. Something on the topic of the missing battery health is that in the "Displays" section of the "About This Mac" dialog, the graphics card is nowhere to be found.

  18. At 2m40 Ben says that we can save Release Candidate #2 as a dmg file. Can someone please explain to me how to do this?

  19. in RC2, battery health % no longer exists 🙁

  20. does safari support vp9 codec?

  21. After this install should we delete the public profile to get back to routine updates or should be wait

  22. Great Video! In your opinion is better to install MacOS Big Sur public version tomorrow or 11.0.1 RC2 ?

  23. Will this update come on macbook air 2017

  24. Drop scores to quote higher new M1 perf… haha, I wanna stick with intel Macs how do you test 8 core gpu>? still fans inside, might as well buy a eGpu and 2080ti, so after a year sell the damn Mac and build a new setup, never again will I buy MacBook I have A2289 and o man the fan and DDR3 my goodness with 8th gen I dunno how they got away with it

  25. Or is it possible to downgrade from big sur to any older OS of mac?

  26. What do you think bro should I update my MacBook Air from mojave to big sur? Afraid to loose performance!

  27. Great Video!
    I'm excited for tomorrow, macOS Big Sur Is dropping 🙂

  28. For me, since the first Beta of Big Sur, the Bluetooth hasn’t been working 🙁
    You said, that this is almost the full version so I really hope it will work, when I get the official version. Any tips how I could fix the Bluetooth problem?

  29. Yesterday I have realized that I am unsubscribed. Smiled when I saw the statistics right when I started writing this very message. Subs and thumbs up from me for sure!

  30. Just saying thank you for your vids).

  31. Hey buddy…. the time 16 inch macbook comes with apple chip….can I just replace my Intel based 16 inch macbook's full motherboard to the one with apple chip ……?
    I think it would be a better decision to stay on Catalina for few more days… the performance seems to be downgraded…. what you say?

  32. Is it safe to download the beta version of Big Sur now instead of waiting

  33. will it be a prob when I update now?😂😂😂

  34. I updated and didn’t get the analytics page but it says Im up to date? Idk

  35. I see that “one more thing” folder. Expecting a video soon. Lol

  36. Handover always worked for my AirPods pro

  37. Will this version be the same with tomorrow stable release?

  38. Those GeekBench scores are reaaaaally weird and suspicious 🤔. Great vid! Greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  39. yeah. I saw the update, and I got really confused. Great videos by the way. You are so close to 5k, and u uploaded a vid right after me.

  40. How does his 4 year old computer have nearly 300 charge cycles when my nearly one year old computer has around that number. I use 2017 macbook air bought in November of 2019 brand new.

  41. currently installing Big Sur bro!

  42. I heard Big Sur is going too be a great update to the Mac although this update is coming out tomorrow so I am hoping that is is actually is going too come out tomorrow