macOS Big Sur 11.3 Update [What’s New in 5 Min!!!]

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 (20E232) Update is live! This video will be my 1st of 2 videos on 11.3. This one will be a quick 5 minute overview of all the macOS Big Sur 11.3 features & changes. In my 2nd video, I will do my normal multiple install demo + DEEP DIVE into all the details of the macOS Big Sur 11.3 Update. Note – macOS Big Sur 11.3 blocks the ability to sideload of apps via ipa file on Apple Silicon M1 Macs. Previously in 11.2.3 you could still do it.

The Big Sur 11.3 update was released on April 26th, 2021. macOS 11.3 had 8 Beta releases and one RC Release Candidate was released just about 3 months after 11.2.

macOS Big Sur 11.3 What’s New? Features & Known Issues – Article!

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 (20D91) Update Security Notes

Big Sur Patch notes public link =

Download Full macOS Big Sur Installers –

Full macOS Big Sur 11.3 InstallPackage.pkg download link.

macOS Big Sur 11 Releases
Big Sur 11.3 (20E232) 04/26/21
Big Sur 11.2.3 (20D91) 03/08/21
Big Sur 11.2.2 (20D80) 02/25/21
Big Sur 11.2.1 (20D74) 02/09/21
Big Sur 11.2 Final (20D64) – 01/01/21
Big Sur 11.1 Final (20C69) – 12/14/20
Big Sur 11.0.1 Final (20B50) – 11/19/20
Big Sur 11.0.1 Final (20B29) – 11/12/20

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  1. Damn I really need to make the jump from High Sierra to Big Sur 11.3. This is gonna be perfect on my OpenCore hackintosh! (yeah I know, screw you apple… haha) all I need is to wait for my RX 570 gpu, my GTX 1060 is not compatible with these new releases unfortunately no nvidia web drivers.

    Plus there's so many apps that cannot be installed on High Sierra anymore they ask to update at least to Mojave for most of the apps of the appstore this is a technique that they use so people will download the new OS versions and this will get their old mac to slow down. They'll end up buying the new macbooks, that's called planned obsolescence. I don't think the guy who is rocking a macbook air from 2009 or 2012 will be able to run Big Sur smoothly, I really doubt it

    If anybody is interested in making a hackintosh I would encourage you to watch this tutorial from "TechNolli" on YouTube it's called "Easy Intel Hackintosh Opencore Catalina Bootloader on Windows! | 2020" you can apply this tutorial to all the macos versions that you want and once you have MacOS Big Sur installed on your PC you can even receive the official updates on it

    The only thing that I'm not sure that I like in Big Sur is some of the icons man they added a sort of glossy layer to them, they also added shadows inside the icons too. The combination of both makes it a bit weird but that's just a detail at this point, other than the icons I really like the interface on the apps they did a fantastic job on those redesigns

  2. Here's what's new : no Adobe apps work god dammit

  3. Ya I mean any review needs to be concise. Thanks man 👍

  4. how can I do updates without using the USB stick? I missed that video

  5. I just installed 11.3 update.after update it said that some updates can not be installed and it not restart at all help me with this sir its an Mac book M1 pro it after showed 11.3.1 update.plz help

  6. 11.3.1 is out. Thx for the vid.

  7. How do I get to the emojis? I to see the new ones. Thank you.

  8. Warning!!
    If you own QNAP Thunderbolt Raid do not install this update as MacOS 14.3 breaks The Thunderbolt Bridge Driver.
    Afterwards if a thunderbolt bridge is detected the OS might crash or take a very long time to boot.
    I you have installed the update it is now very hard to revert as Apple security has made it three times as hard to go back.
    Only fix is to insta 14.4 Beta update as it has the working driver.

  9. This is great! Thanks!

    I was hoping there was a fix for Bluetooth.

    I’m a bit disappointed with Apple. My M1 crashes at least once a day. I’ll be calling them this week.

  10. does the game game controller only in apple game exist ?

  11. So nothing useful may be except security patches.

  12. Thank you for saving my time.

  13. My MacBook 2012
    I can't install it 😅

  14. updated to 11.3, i lost my brightness control. no brightness slider in settings and brightness from touchbar doesn't change the brightness. it is always at max. any solution?

  15. anyone having trouble using sidecar with the new update?

  16. 11.3 work way better on my pro'17 touchbar. when i open adobe fams and sometime got stuck or crash, feels like wth with bigsur, but now felt soo smoothh

  17. I have an iMac 2015 and yesterday I tried to upgrade from High Sierra to Big Sur. I left it overnight to install and this morning it is stuck on “less than a minute remaining”. I tried to restart in Safe Mode, same result. I tried to do the command r and go into recovery mode and it is STILL stuck, after 30 min went right back to the “less than a minute remaining” and I don’t know what to do. If you can help me, I would appreciate any input! Anyone! HElp!

  18. Any word on a fix to AirPods auto switching in the latest iPhone and Mac OS?

  19. I'm only using MacBook Pro 2020. Do I need to update? Thanks!

  20. can you give the 11.3 DMG file link download? because I want to burn it on Windows 10 for my Mac.

  21. Unfortunately, this update breaks iPadOS/iOS apps that are installed in macOS. They will no longer have permission to open 😤😭

  22. Still no mini player for the Podcasts app… smh Apple.

  23. In Big Sur 11.3 you can no longer drag and drop files i and out of Podcasts so there is no way to mix Podcasts in with standard music files. This is a function that worked perfectly in iTunes before they inexplicably broke it into separate apps. Someone at Apple and perhaps an entire team ought to be fired for making there apps less and less usable as time goes on. Does anyone have any idea how to create a playlist with both Podcasts and music files in either Music or Podcasts. Thanks in advance.

  24. Are the issues regarding SSD swap memory in this MacOS update?

  25. I thnk my battery life is better then the previous version

  26. Great video, very concise and informative!

  27. So pleased they've finally fixed the bug with 2013 MBPs where it would stay on a black screen for 30 secs every reboot!

  28. Love the quick format, thanks!

  29. Rip sideload… As always Apple has a nice device but a terrible OS…

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