Macos Big Sur 11 is finally safe to update for DJs using Traktor Virtual DJ and Rekordbox

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On todays show I discuss Mac users waiting to upgrade their operating systems to Big Sur, and those who have or are thinking of buying the new M1 Macs, have some good news today: Both Pioneer DJ and Traktor have announced that their DJ software and hardware is fully compatible with the latest Mac OS.

Pioneer DJ/Rekordbox users
For Pioneer DJ and Rekordbox users, all hardware and software works with both Big Sur and the M1 Macs following the announcement.

The only thing to bear in mind is that if you use a driver with your hardware, you’ll need to update that driver to the Big Sur version – but apart from that, you’re good to go.

Traktor users
Meanwhile, Traktor has announced Traktor Pro 3.4.1, which broadly brings the same thing for Traktor users.

Traktor software and hardware is now compatible with both Big Sur and the Apple M1 Macs, but note that if you’re a Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 owner, you’ll need to be running Big Sur 11.2 or higher – all other Traktor hardware works fine with any version of Big Sur.

Other DJ software
Virtual DJ and Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI users have had compatibility since last year for both Big Sur and the M1 Macs – but Serato DJ users should still hold off pending an official announcement from Serato, before making a hardware or software switch.


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  1. hello bro, i am writing from turkey, here is the virtual dj program, a lot of money, i don't have money, can you give me 2021 for macbook as a gift?

  2. Hopefully someone can help me out. Recently my ddj-1000 which I’m using with rekordbox on MAC with the BIG SUR Version 11.6 My sound keeps cutting out completely every 30mins and it won’t come back until I exit out of rekordbox and then it works again for 30mins. Someone please help, this never happened before and I stream every week and it’s embarrassing that it keeps stopping 😭

  3. Heya can anyone please paste a link or something about installing Traktor pro 2 on new Mac?

  4. It’s now July. Is it safe to upgrade to Big Sur for serato dj pro.

  5. The 2020 MacBook Pro M1 is still not compatible with Rekordbox 6 (yes even with BigSur driver). Problems with Rekordbox 6 (current version) and M1 Chipset will not allow exporting of Rekordbox 6 playlists, playing from laptop in export mode, or even analyzing of “Vocals” in Rekordbox 6. All of the items I just related are “greyed out” and un-clickable, it is very apparent. Rekordbox 6 even provides critical error – “AVX error” when trying to analyze vocal tracks. Might want your subs to know. I’ll keep using my 2018 MacBook Pro until they work this out. 🤙

  6. According to the video on time line 1:42. You screen shot a Serato Studio not the Serato DJ Pro. Unles you are just talking bout the Serato Studio ?

  7. Hey Keo, what's the latest on MIXX DJ software? I upgraded to Big Sur and of course, did not know it was going to screw up the DJ software. Doesn't work at all. I've tried contacting MIXX but no response to date.

  8. this may be ignorant, but would this be a reason why my Hot Cue pads aren't working? for example, when I start my controller all lights are on. but once I start the software all my lights are gone

  9. Hopefully Serato will update soon and also include the Phase integration along with it.

  10. Cuando va a funcionar no lo puedo creer. I can’t believe

  11. Serato was more focused on feature updates for the steaming experience is video backgrounds and a new feature for for sharing track info on screen.

  12. I guess people a burning or get on some M1 hardware because I swear I stay behind in my upgrades at least on my main machine. What’s the big rush for Big Sur? (Commented durning the ad intro… let’s see what the update is …)

  13. hi, have you tried using Traktor 3.4.1 with the S4 MK1 and Big Sur 11.2 intel chip does it work?

  14. and once again.. Serato is Lastttttt to update.. This is the main reason why i am still using Yosemitie.. Once i got everything working.. the last thing i want to do is update.. lmaoooo

  15. Nobody told them to update. They get what they get 🤷🏾‍♂️. You know never to update until the company says it’s ready

  16. Duct tape and bamboo sticks LOL! That's how they fixed it. I'm on Serato DJ unfortunately they need more duct tape.

  17. Keo this is insane it’s been over two month serato wake up

  18. This is why I went back to Windows. Upgrades don't break my DJ software.

  19. I have been using big sir without any issues so far

  20. Watup Keo. I've always used Windows based laptops for mixing. However, I'm switching to a MacBook pro with the i7 chip. I have a choice of High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina OS. I'm basically getting it for music production. There's a piece of software I want that only works on Mac. Which of those OS would u suggest?