macOS Big Sur on Unsupported Macs [2008-2013] OpenCore Legacy Patcher!!!

UPDATED!!! You can Install macOS Big Sur on Unsupported Macs from 2008-2013! I’ll show you step-by-step how to use OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install macOS Big Sur on your old Mac! CHAPTERS & UPDATES BELOW.

#1 – OpenCore Legacy Patcher current version = 0.6.1
#2 – The current version of macOS Big Sur = 11.7.3

0:00 Welcome & Intro
0:40 Updates & Chapters in comments section!
0:58 Important Notes before we start the install process.
5:51 Start of the walkthrough – Mid 2010 Mac mini
6:06 Download OCLP GUI Application from GitHub
7:13 Opening OCLP App for the first time
7:32 Download macOS Big Sur full installer from
8:52 Use Disk Utility to format and prepare USB Flash Drive
10:40 Download complete! Creating Big Sur USB installer
11:56 USB Installer complete! Now Install OCLP to USB.
12:57 USB Done! Let’s click reboot + Hold Down OPTION key
13:19 Option key booting with EFI Boot to USB Big Sur Installer
13:59 Pick an option – Option #1 Upgrade or Option #2 Erase & Install
14:33 Option #1 Big Sur Upgrade Install (Retain files & apps)
15:02 Option #2 Erase HD & Fresh Install of Big Sur (Start fresh)
15:51 The install of macOS Big Sur has started!
16:24 First of multiple reboots before the install finishes
16:34 Install Complete! Now at the Setup Assistant Window.
16:42 We are now on the macOS Big Sur Desktop.
17:14 New auto popup to install OCLP to internal Hard Drive!
17:49 Installing OCLP Bootloader to Internal Hard Drive
19:15 Reboot – Hold down Option key & select EFI Boot
20:19 Opening OpenCore Legacy Patcher app
20:46 Turning off Show Boot Picker for seamless boot (optional)
21:59 How to install Big Sur Software updates & Security Updates
23:18 Does my Mac need Post Install Root Patches? How to Check
23.33 After installing an OS update – Automatic root patch system
24:38 Troubleshooting OpenCore Legacy Patcher Issues
25:11 A big thank you to Mykola & all OCLP Developers!
25:48 Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions.

I want to thank both Mykola Grymalyuk (khronokernel) & Dhinak G (dhinakg) for your work on OpenCore Legacy Patcher + all of the contributing developers that help maintain the patcher! OCLP will bring new life to thousands of Macs saving them from the recycler!

OpenCore Legacy Patcher app download

Direct Download Link macOS Big Sur Full installer InstallAssistant.pkg . –


Troubleshooting OpenCore Legacy Patcher

Troubleshooting Acceleration Issues

Having a issue? – OpenCore Legacy Support Discord Server

OpenCore Legacy patcher submit an issue

MacRumors Thread

Support OpenCore Legacy Patcher

Support Mr. Macintosh

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that installing macOS Big Sur on your unsupported Mac is a best effort by the community. A ton of work went into getting the patcher to work! Some things might not work exactly right but it’s really really close. I would not recommend installing on a system that you rely on for work or school. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST BEFORE YOU UPGRADE! The good news is that you are getting the latest security fixes from Apple. Some might argue that upgrading to Patched Big Sur makes your Mac safer since Apple is no longer fixing security issues on 10.14 and below.

macos Big Sur old mac

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  1. Hello, I have a problem if I plug a usb accessory into my Mac pro 5.1 after booting, this one is not detected, I have to restart the Mac and then it appears. Could you help me, I don't know where it comes from, I am using opencore legacy patcher 0.5.3 thank you.

  2. Is it safe or okay if I upgrade to Big Sur using these guides while I’m in Catalina? Btw I upgraded to Catalina using the dosdude (Catalina patcher). I’m hoping for affirmative response. TIA!

  3. I have successfully installed..but the last part is not still working..the auto message didn’t come on so i still have to use the usb to boot..any solution for that? Please help

  4. Did not work for me. Said install macos big Sur application is damaged and can't be used to install Mac OS???

  5. Hello, thank you very much! this is a great video but i have an issue and I don't know if i'had done something wrong. after Installing OCLP Bootloader to Internal Hard Drive, the OpenCore app doesn't show up in the library 🙁 so, what can I do? Thank you so much!

  6. I installed this patch on a MacBook Pro 5,5. The Mac is slow and the fans spin faster than usual
    Any tips?

  7. Thank you! Have just installed on 2009 Macbook Pro, Core Two Duo cpu, 4gb memory and 64gb SSD and works a treat. Instructions clear enough for this 77 year old !

  8. Ok after two tries the installation executed perfectly. Anyone having any issues may reply here and I'll show you what I learned form my first couple of mistakes.

  9. Great News.Last year I got a tech to upgrade my 2012Mac to Catalina. Now I need to upgrade to big sur. I tried to install my tax program to do my income taxes. It says that Catalina is no longer supported. I have this tech, last year charged only $600 to upgrade my computer. Cheaper than a new computer. This year he only going to charge me $500 for this upgrade. My local Apple store says I should purchase a new computer for security reasons. When a computer is out of support you have all kinds of risks.

  10. Hats off to your knowledge & contribution. Successfully installed Version 11.7.2 in IMac Late 2013 model.

  11. Kudos to you Mr. Macintosh! Amazing tutorial. Complete and concise instructions. You and all the developers did an amazing job. You added few more years to my Macbook White Mid-2010 (upgraded to 256gb ssd and 8gb ram). Thank you so much from the Philippines!

  12. Thank you. Such an amazingly well explained instructions! I was able to repurpose and old iMac that now works like new.

  13. So, I tried the Monterey install and it went well… until I powered off the early 2011 MBP with 16GB RAM and a 480GB SSD. The next day, I got the flashing folder icon.

    Three attempts later, I gave up and switched to Big Sur.

    All good until the power down and restart the next day. A very clear message that the OS isn’t designed to run on that architecture.

    So I’m back to High Sierra which IS officially supported.

    Now I just have to find a way to create a recovery partition.

  14. Hi! thanks for the tuto! What can i do if the pop up you mention at 17.27 never show up?

  15. i installed big sur but the patcher is not poping up after isntall so that it can boot from the harddrive and not the usb

  16. are you aware of a cheap metal compatible graphics card even pc version, that would work with a 2008 Mac Pro 3 1, I currently have the old GT-120

  17. Mr. Macinotosh sir, you have been very helpful on helping me convert my 2011 MacBook into new 🙂 Thank you, I wanted to run Xcode on my new operating system and it still gives me the error that it’s not compatible with your version of your Mac, would you have any idea on how to fix this?

  18. Just wanted to ask if anyone had problems with dvd not playing. Is it something with patcher or do I just download software for playing dvds , thanks. Great job you coders.

  19. actually impressed on how well that works, i was stuck in macos catalina, now i can use my mac again for school. Thank you!

  20. Hey Mr Mac. You said in the video to post questions and problems in the comments, here’s hoping you see this. Followed your procedure to the tee, but when I get to the reboot from EFI I get stuck on a black screen. I am trying this on my son’s MacPro 5,1. He had a Radeon 5770 in there so I put my non-efi GTX 760 in as it is listed as a metal-compatible card. When I boot my MacPro I don’t get a bootloader screen, just black until the login. Is this the problem? Should I try with the 5770 instead? Can I use StartupDrive to choose the USB OpenCore drive? Thanks

  21. Hello if I got non metal mac pro 5.1 I'm pretty much stuck in High Sierra

  22. Hello , can you tell me how to remove partition of big sur legaci on unsupported mac , i install that on one partition but i want to uninstall it correctly , can you halp? Thanks

  23. I'm stuck on the apple logo after clicking install macOS, the bar doesn't appear, how to fix????

  24. This video has been great. Thank you! I am now able to help my customers better and save them lots of money by reviving their old mac computers. I am definitely subscribing.

  25. [FIXED]I downloaded and installed opencore legacy patcher into the hdd drive manually as we did in the first step of the video. Then I installed "Post Install Root Patch" – sandy bridge. After I did this all the text fields in the OS like username, password, browser url field etc are blinking. I tried to revert the patch but it gave an error "Failed to revert snapshot via Apples 'bless' command"

    Reason for Unpatch Failure:
    mount_apfs: volume could not be mounted: No such file or directory
    /sbin/mount_apfs returned non-0 exit status
    couldnt bless the APFS preboot volume for volume mounted at /System/Volumes/Update/mnt1:File exists
    -Failed to revert snapshot via Apples 'bless' command

    Use display calibration assistant to calibrate and then use that profile for your display. This will remove all the black boxes, and the blinking issue I explained above.

  26. You gave me chance to run a company with budget close to zero! Thanks a lot!

  27. Also what is "beta rim" and is there a way to make Netflix work on a non metal Mac on Safari, because when you try to watch anything it just sends you to a help page saying you should use a browser

  28. Just did this on my 3,1 mac pro 2008. I got some kernel panics first time I booted off the SSD with Big sur on it, but it works fine now after resetting the PRAM a couple of times and restarting.
    Looks like I'm keeping this old cheesegrater abomination running for a couple more years at least! Thanks Mr.M!!

  29. I have a MBA Mid 2012 with 4gb and also boot camp Windows 10. I wanted to try Open Core Ventura upgrading from Catalina but didn’t get the option for Ventura. Nevertheless, Big Sur loaded fine with no issues and it’s running fine so far and it didn’t affect the boot camp Windows partition. I don’t use this MBA for anything intensive – I mainly bought it because I didn’t want to screw around with trying to load Windows, which I need for work programs, on my MBA M1 and I got this pretty cheap.

  30. Please help. iOS installed, but everything is on a five second delay. Anything I can do?

  31. After the OS install the open core app doesnt start automatically and i cant set the boot from hdd i have to use the usb all the time

  32. Thanks dude. Very clear and simple instructions to follow. Thanks to the developers creating these patches. Heroes

  33. Tried This Yesterday Using The Newest OCLP, Install Goes Through All The Motions ! However The SSD Does Not Get Blessed, & Won't Boot The The Setup Screen ! Late 2010 MPB With Nvidia GT330M Video Card As Well As Intel 0x 0046 Graphics !!!!!

  34. When holding Option Key on restart, it only goes to the regular logon screen, bypassing the Disk selection screen. When trying to change the Startup Disk in System Preferences to the Big Sur USB Installer, I get the following message: "The bless tool was unable to set current disk."
    I'm on a Mid 2012 MacPro5,1 currently running Catalina 10.15.7, 2 x 2.4 Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor, 64GB RAM, Radeon RX 580 Video Card with 8GB RAM.
    Any ideas or solutions? Thanks!!

  35. Anyone having trouble with mouse becoming unresponsive when getting to recovery menu? I can’t make a selection in order to continue process…

  36. What amazing day in my life 😩😩😍😍

    شكرا من القلب وربي شكرا لك يا احلى سايمون

  37. Having an issue where I am at the stage where I first ugrade BigSur on the HDD but it freezes and goes to white screen before the installation is complete. Can anyone help please?

  38. Fantastic tutorial, thank you.

    Yesterday I opened up my late 2012 Mac, repaired the broken stand hinge, upgraded to SSD and now I have Big Sur 11.7.2

    obsolete….I don't think so.

  39. Hey , will my sure cuts a lot and master cutter vibe with this is well?

  40. Help please : I’m having issue very time rebooting and showing both disk and portable disk then loading apple logo then restart 16:27

  41. 16:27 I’m having issue very time rebooting and showing both disk and portable disk then loading apple logo then restart

  42. Thank you Mr. Macintosh, for this excellent, updated video. Is it still helpful to download the Big Sur 11.7.2 installer package from your website, before running OCLP 0.4.11, for example?

  43. Since updating to Big Sur on my 2013 iMac I cannot sign into Google Drive. I've tried signing out, closing drive, opening & signing back in, plus deleting the app & re-downloading, but always it is greyed out & says "there was a problem signing in"- No problems on my 2015 MBP with Native Monterey. Anyone have a way to fix this? Also my Downloads folder has a no entry sign on the bottom right corner, but I have full access to it. Is there a way to make this sign go away?